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Tornado Barrel Riding

You too can enjoy the thrilling excitement of riding a tornado...
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Did watching "Twister" give you a thrill? Do you sing along to "Wizard of OZ"? Then perhaps you should consider testing out the revolutionary new "Tornado Barrel". A state-of-the-art steel reinforced capsule designed specifically to withstand the devestating force of a full scale tornado and subsiquent crash landing. Equiped with padded harness and air canisters the "Barrel" will keep even the most finicky passenger comfortable during the ride of their lives.

LEGAL NOTICE: Tornado barrel riding, like any adventure sport, is a dangerous activity that could result in serious injury or even death. Before embarking on a Tornado Barrel ride you will be required to sign a legal waiver, releasing the Tornado Barrel Riding facility and the manufactures of the Tornado Barrel from any and all legal actions by yourself or your heirs. Further, you will be required to pay for all damages caused by your Tornado Barrel should it happen to destroy any uninsured property.

smokecatcher, Jun 14 2002




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