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Walking Across The Tightrope Of Everything

Ikea's tightrope
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Some time ago I created the idea of Climbing Up The Walls Of Everything which Ikea were kind enough to realise. (see link)

I also have a lot of ideas about tightropes, and this is another one. It's quite simple really. You take the entire contents of a department store that retails a large variety of products and join them together, like the links in a chain, to form a very long tightrope.
For example; a short section could: be rope---sofa--- rope---frying pan--- rope---duvet cover---wardrobe--- rope---table---rope---bookcase--- etc

This dubious tightrope is then stretched across a suitable gap for anyone who wants to try their luck to cross in the manner of a tightrope walker. In doing so, the intrepid walker will have to negotiate not only the rope but the physical items which will constantly rotate and wobble unpredictably.

Simplified version permits scrambling over the obstacles, but the expert ultra version requires traversing the objects to be a totally hands free balancing action in the manner of strict tightrope walking.

xenzag, Jan 16 2022

Climbing_20Up_20The...s_20of_20Everything [xenzag, Jan 16 2022]

Illustration for the idea of Bare Foot Knife Edge Tight Rope Walking https://sodabred.tu...pe-based-on-walking
this is the illustration for an earlier tight rope idea [xenzag, Jan 17 2022]


       If they're allowed to spin this will be much more difficult than a traditional tightrope.
Voice, Jan 16 2022

       //Do those who attempt the tigthropre get anything?// (sic) Yes - they get a nonstick frying pan and a free weekend entry pass into Tayto Land.
xenzag, Jan 16 2022

       + bun only if the frying pan is hot, duvet cover has holes in it, table is missing a leg, etc. muwhaha
xandram, Jan 16 2022

       How about typing a letter on the manual Olivetti when half way across?
xenzag, Jan 16 2022

       ok. I had already bunned this anyway!
xandram, Jan 18 2022


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