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Tiny House, Big Basement

Small main floor, large basement with yard on top
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A smallish property has a tiny house having a small main floor with a yard. Underneath that small main floor and yard is a large basement spanning the full property.

Advantages: More efficient use of property square footage. You get to have a large yard while also having a large interior space for your home. Allows small property to even include a garage.

More privacy. Nobody can see into your basement, see whether your lights are on, etc.

House can be more easily secured against break-in. Main valuables could be kept on basement level. This arrangement could be especially suitable for a property that is unoccupied/unattended for long periods of time, including a cottage or cabin. Main entry to basement would be via staircase from main floor, but there would be another stairwell going from basement directly to yard (or to garage, if there is one.)

Natural sunlight can be piped in with optics. Many ultramodern homes make use of big glass walls, since glass now has high insulation R-values. So the main floor could be in that ultramodern glass-wall style, and helping bring light into the basement.

sanman, Jun 05 2024

Tiny house https://maps.app.goo.gl/LfRPFTFcHVMydAGL8
[calum, Jun 06 2024]

Big basement https://www.haus-co.../design/tragerhaus/
[calum, Jun 06 2024]

Creek Vean https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creek_Vean
Anything like this, [calum]? (It looks smaller when viewed from the road). {edit: Oh, I see you found a link to your one. Sorry, carry on.} [pertinax, Jun 06 2024]

Colin Furze: Shed/Bunker Combination https://www.youtube...watch?v=ZQy89tZ-mRU
One potential reference implementation (which prized in "Shed of the Year" 2017 (albeit in the #NotAShed category) ), Furze has gone on to build a fairly extensive tunnel network beneath his property, as documented on his channel. [zen_tom, Jun 06 2024]


       Some 'light pipes' dotted around your lawn would ensure you got some daylight into the basement. Also, underground temperatures are very stable, so most of your house would be at a constant temperature year-round, with no heating or cooling needed.

Why only one basement level though? I once visited a very secure office building in Switzerland which had two storeys above ground and eight below ground!
hippo, Jun 05 2024

       [-] Underground houses are WKTE.
a1, Jun 05 2024

       [a1], this isn't an obvious underground house in the style of Coober Pedy and similar. This seems to be more of a upstairs-is-outside obvious public traditional-if-tiny, and downstairs larger somewhat-secret underground habitation.   

       This construction idea is well-suited to our new-normal worldwide climate disruptions, especially during tornado season, which seems to stretch from February to September now, with time off for winter storms. When the power goes out, the underground portion remains at Earth's constant temp (50-72, depending on where on earth Carmen Sandiego is), and if a room is built for certain tender plants, and another room for chickens and goats, the farm is safe as well.   

       Organic free-range bun for you, [sanman].
Sgt Teacup, Jun 06 2024

       I kind of dig that it is like the Tardis, bigger than it looks like from the outside.   


       Such a house is good in a hurricane, but bad in a flood.   

       Therefore it requires a well- labelled mode switch connected to an enormous hydraulic jack.
pertinax, Jun 06 2024

       There's a house near me which from the road looks like a smallish bungalow but is in fact a fairly massive (by UK standards) house dug into the hillside. The lower levels have windows (so this doesn't, I think, meet the implied requirements of the idea). I will try to find a link.
calum, Jun 06 2024

       What happens quite a bit in London is people digging out huge basements underneath houses. Doing this without having the house fall down is incredibly expensive, but if the land is super-incredibly expensive, it's worth it. There's a house near us (which already had about 5 or 6 bedrooms) where they dug out the entire area under the house and garden and installed a home cinema, gym, spa, and some other rooms. Completely mad.
hippo, Jun 06 2024

       Also, large flatscreens on the basement walls can afford you an outside "window view" any time you like, at the flick of a switch.
sanman, Jun 12 2024

       Heinlein did it first, but I've always liked the idea of putting a house atop an entrance to a mine shaft. Talk about basement storage, and a vast cool sink ...
normzone, Jun 14 2024

       @ normzone:   

       It does have a sort of Batcave vibe. And maybe that makes this idea especially suitable for a "Man-cave". You could have a small workshed in the backyard, and underneath it is a larger man-cave that expands under the entire backyard.   

       Just don't tell the wife.
sanman, Jun 17 2024


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