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towers of hanoi "laser" accumulates energy while cooling surrounding

some quantum photon emissions take hours, some quantum energy level lifting effects are nanoseconds, when you tower of hanoi permissible emission levels, warmth can pump a phosphorescencelike laser, which actually cools its surroundings
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Tower of hanoi is that thing where you have to move disks around at a certain order to get them to a preferred |o. orientation.

Quantum levels with a laser or phosphorescence are those things where the electrons reside at particular levels, where as a result of quantum structure they gotta be at. A laser is just pumping lots of atoms with photons suchthere is a huge required number of simultaneous photon emissions at a single upper level (population inversion)

Quantum dots emit only at particular frequencies because as a result of their engineered physical form they gotta. They are physically sized to only permit certain bandgaps.

Thus just use quantum dots or another approach to create three adjacent lasers,TOH, with sufficient orbital overlap that they tower of hanoi their potential energy rather than letting it lase. That delays the lasing which permits greater amounts of time to input energy to pump the TOH trilaser, Now here is the fun thing, if the towers of hanoi is sufficiently lengthy to resolve then stochastic photons may well occur or visit from outside the system that are at pumping frequency. while the TOH sorts, the thing just just there absorbing energy, slightly.

Wikipedia says phosphorescence has a similarity, the molecule absorbs photons, yet as a result of molecule structure any photon reemission is nonpermitted, thus weird effects gradually occur which causes things like SrAlO4 to spend hours (hours) to reemit photons absorbed instantly. This idea is kind of like reverse phosphorescence, it gradually accumulates photon energy lifts, then when the towers of hanoi resolves it goes Lase! or, it just sits there absorbing photons without reemitting thermally.

beanangel, May 11 2012

Markov Chain Sentience Test Markov_20Chain_20Sentience_20Test
Link for [MechE] [Wrongfellow, May 14 2012]

two blobs pass each other photons, thus three blobs is likely possible http://www.azonano....s.aspx?newsID=18747
linking individual semiconductor quantum dots with gold nanoparticles, scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory have demonstrated the ability to enhance the intensity of light emitted by individual quantum dots by up to 20 times [beanangel, May 14 2012]

viewing this think of electrons cycling around a crown ether(possibly a crown ether with isotopically different areas to create varied bandgaps around the molecule) , or three TOH blobs, or possibly one molecule, with naturally mildly shifting quantum bandgap, like an LED fluctuating spectrum from warmth http://www.youtube....watch?v=rRgXUFnfKIY
[beanangel, May 14 2012]

gradual accumulation of photons then release http://en.wikipedia.../Thermoluminescence
[beanangel, May 25 2012]

thermoluminescent material glows at 20 degrees C http://www.springer...s11120-007-9171-3-4
[beanangel, May 25 2012]


       possible translation:   

       laser absorbs local heat, occasionally emitting a burst of coherent light: a Pterrian Pyramid.   

       Somebody else can work out the rest.
FlyingToaster, May 11 2012

sqeaketh the wheel, May 12 2012

       Aw, shit, he's been playing in the quantum again. Somebody get the hose.
Alterother, May 12 2012

       From what I could glean he wants to bounce photons in a tower of hanoi pattern in order to delay lasing indeffinitely to build energy.   

       If that is right, I need to have 'that' explained.
It exponentially increases the number of bounces maybe?

       Oops! I just checked its profile page. My eyes! My eyes! It burns...!
UnaBubba, May 12 2012

       //they tower of hanoi their potential energy//   

       You mean, they pass all their potential energy from one laser to another, using a textbook recursive algorithm and in violation of 2nd Thermo?   

       Presumably not - but, if not that, then what?
pertinax, May 12 2012

       // My eyes! My eyes! It burns...! //   

       That happens to everybody the first time. Lucky for you we already have the hose out.
Alterother, May 12 2012

       I think that it's a really wordy koan: What is the color light from a laser that does not produce light.
WcW, May 12 2012

       I think if anyone could use a Happylong, it's [Ubba].
ytk, May 12 2012

       Where are the links of dubious credibility? There should be four or five links to various crackpot theories by now!
Alterother, May 12 2012

       Anyone else working on the theory that [bean] is actually a random sentence generator with multiple technical journals as the input vocabulary?
MechE, May 14 2012

       bun for [MechE]!
xandram, May 14 2012

       [MechE]: That's more or less the thought that inspired one of my ideas (link).
Wrongfellow, May 14 2012

       well, I appreciate the efforts. There is a now a link to a two blob system of a quantum dot with a tuned nanoparticle which does shift energy effectively. This idea just uses three blobs with the simplest algorithm I have heard of "to bounce photons in a tower of hanoi pattern in order to delay lasing ... to build energy"   

       Its not so different from the wikipedia description of phosphorescence which is where a molecule absorbs photons yet its quantum bandgap structures do not permit reemission. That causes some kind of tertiary effect to gradually permit reemission over hours, representing vast quadrillions of moments longer than the amount of time to absorb the photon (gather rapidly, then gradually release)   

       so Im kind of just saying, I think reverse phosphorescence (gather gradually, then release rapidly) could be created with a Tower of Hanoi quantum dot structuralization   

       Also, my thought, although It was not written at the description is that the "reason" the electron energy moves from one TOH bandgap to another is the natural oscillation of the charge gradients of the molecule. One apparch is like the way benzene goes chair-boat-chair-boat configuration constantly. if moving between chair-boat makes the electron energy favor moving to a different part of a molecule, or even a different blob, then thats a really well known mechanism to move the TOH around. My preferred idea though is to keep all the electron activation on one molecule, then use mild natural thermal effects (like the kind that spread LED spectra with temperature) to give the energy a "well, theres a wide area, or a narrow area, or a wide area, or a narrow area" continual variation to function, the other possibility is somekind of undirectional semiconducting crown ether, where the electron charge just has to rotate forward n around.   

       compare the graphic at the youtube link, then rather than music think of it as electron distributions circling a particular kind of crown ether.
beanangel, May 14 2012

       quantum blobs jump back and forth in nifty patterns to heat and create more cooling energy and confuse halfbakers
Alterother, May 14 2012

       actually there is a phenomen called thermoluminescence (wikipedia) where a mineral like fluoride if warmed to about 50 to 100 c, or some organics like plant leaf chemicals (link) at zero to 20 degrees C, suddenly releases a bunch of light that was previously gradually sequestered energy. Reading about thermoluminescence at wikipedia there is a crystal lattice diagram that is almost doing a TOH.   

       engineered material that gradually accumulates lots of photons then releases them suddenly is a possibility.
beanangel, May 25 2012

       Thermoluminescent materials accumulate energy in the form of lattice defects, not photons per se.   

       And yes, the input energy is photons (in the form of ionizing radiation, not visible light) and the output energy is photons in the form of visible light, but there is no storage of photons. After all I can't say a solar panel hooked to a capacitor and that to a camera flash is storing photons, can I?
MechE, May 25 2012

       // engineered material that gradually accumulates lots of photons then releases them suddenly is a possibility. //   

       A possibility, yes, but the conversion only goes one way. You won't get the photons to flop back and forth on demand. You cannot have your thermodynamic cake and eat it too.   

       Photons are unique particles for many reasons, [beanie]. One of those reasons is that, while they exhibit roughly half of the definitive characteristics of a massive particle, they have no quantifiable mass, and therefore are not persistent, i.e. they don't stick around. They can be slowed, they can be trapped (sort of), but they don't stand still. Without the use of gigantic electromagnets and a little bit if science fiction, they can't be made static and stored in their inherent form.   

       All that said, I still don't know what the fuck you're talking about, and I don't think you do either. Towers of Hanoi is a coffee table game. A laser is an interesting form of flashlight. 'Quantum' is a fun word to bat around when you want to sound smart, but it's really just a unit of measure, like 'ounce' or 'inch' or 'ohm'. How you think these things go together, and what exactly that combination will produce or accomplish, is not something you have adequately explained here. If you want to continue with this idea, providing that explanation would be a good idea.
Alterother, May 25 2012


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