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Trash can bottom handle

For ease of dumping
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Those ten and twenty gallon trash cans are just awkward enough that, when emptying them into the big bin on the curb, they frequently fall in and get totally gross falling on dog poo, etc. Trying to fish out the stuff wedged in the bottom is awkward too with one arm wrapped around can while second arm scrabbles about inside. Since these small trashcans have a recessed bottom there's room for the addition of a folding wire handle, so let's do it! Hang onto bottom handle, shake can out and when returned to floor the handle folds neatly beneath so can won't rock.
Steamboat, Apr 24 2011

US patent 6808081 http://www.google.c...out?id=EgIQAAAAEBAJ
[xaviergisz, Apr 26 2011]

(?) US patent 5547104 http://www.docstoc....le---Patent-5547104
Looks pretty close. [Boomershine, Apr 27 2011]



       Yes, Yeser and yestest.
Try dumping a garbage can full of tile scraps into a six foot tall dumpster without losing the can.

       Lame down-vote. This is one of those 'how did I not think of that' ideas.   

       "It will be baked."
"...and then there will be cake."

       21, trash not garbage I think.
FlyingToaster, Apr 24 2011

       I just might take the 55gal drum we use as a trash can, at work, over to the service section and bake this. If I had a dollar for every time I had to fish that damn thing back out of the dumpster I would probably have about $20.00.
MikeD, Apr 24 2011

       I likes it and bunned it, but will point out that the bottom handle may get a bit manky if the ground and floor are squishy (but still worth it).
baconbrain, Apr 24 2011

       If you get the kind with wheels, some models have a thin metal axle that serves this purpose.
Alterother, Apr 25 2011

       [MikeD] I don't think that "if I had a dollar" expression has the same value when referring to things you get paid to do at work.
rcarty, Apr 25 2011

       [+] excellent idea!
(needs better category) Product:Design
xandram, Apr 25 2011

       *awaits the explanation of the deliniation between trash and garbage.*
RayfordSteele, Apr 25 2011

       OMG. Such a simple idea, and yet no one's thought of it yet
EdwinBakery, Apr 25 2011

       I wish that that was my bone up above (methinks it bears all the hallmarks of the autoboner). The only reason I (would've) boned this; is it is far too sensible, practicable and obvious. The halfbakery, by its very nature, does not need this kind of input and, as a gentle aside, I am insanely jealous. [+]
4whom, Apr 25 2011

       If it is going to be a handle, it might as well be a set of handlebars salvaged from an old dirtbike. And then you'll be needing a bell.
bungston, Apr 25 2011

       garbage = more organic ewwwwwww stuff than trash.
FlyingToaster, Apr 25 2011

       My pop cuts the tops out of plastic chemical barrels to use as garbage cans. If you drill a hole on each side close to the bottom, you can thread a couple of ropes through there and tie a knot in them so they won't pull out. This makes it really easy for two guys to load the cans into a truck bed, especially if one guy is standing in the truck.   

       It also makes it really easy for two guys to dump the cans. Just dump it and jiggle the can with the ropes. As [21 Quest]'s trash bags, I hate the idea of a product whose primary use is to be thrown away. And what if the contents shift and the bags have trouble sliding out of the can? You'll want a handle then.
nomocrow, Apr 25 2011

       I have been mulling this idea over in my mind's eye, a so called ge-dunk-in experiment, if you will. It works!
4whom, Apr 25 2011

       Yep. A recessed sprung handle would keep it up out of the slop.   

       There is plenty of room for the top, at the bottom. ~ appologies to Paul Dear.
4whom, Apr 25 2011

       //things you get paid to do at work//   

       I am a government employee. I don't get paid to work. I just get paid.
MikeD, Apr 26 2011

       //out of the slop// A so called de-gunk-in experiment, if you will.
spidermother, Apr 27 2011

       [MikeD] You get paid to take risks, doncha? Sort of like an entrepreneur, except the risks aren't financial ones.
mouseposture, Apr 27 2011

Boomershine, Apr 27 2011

       Then you must have at least a dollar for every time then.
rcarty, Apr 28 2011

       From time to time, [MP]. Another extended all-expense-paid-for desert vacation is rapidly approaching. I look forward to Baking in a theatre of combat again. I also plan on spending my R&R in europe, with Mrs. MikeD. Hopefully a few European-based bakers can show me and the Mrs. around town, when the time comes.
MikeD, Apr 28 2011

       Yes, just like Disney World really, but more affordabe (although not quite so clean or indeed fragrant)   

       The idea is not without merit, but the bun remains pending since no mention is made of inadvisable and indeed dangerously unsafe incorporation of (at the very least) propellants or deflagrants; further, nowhere is it explained how the cats are placed or lured into the can to begin with.
8th of 7, Apr 28 2011

       Why not just put the handle on the side of the bottom of the can. No nasty handle sitting in dirt.
rcl5011, Apr 28 2011

       Why not a glue on handle you can stick where it is needed ?
popbottle, Dec 08 2015

       This would fit handily in Product: Garbage Can, and as it already has a nifty handle on the underside it can be plucked out if necessary.
whatrock, Jul 11 2022


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