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Toastie Bread Balls

Balls of overcooked bread (more delicious than the name suggests)
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As a child, instead of eating bread in the tried and tested manner of chewing and swallowing, I'd bite a bit off, roll it around my mouth for a bit, spit it out into my hand and roll it into a ball. These bread balls were delicious, and I had a grand plan of marketing them, but the plan had an obvious flaw: they were too squidgy, and would therefore get ruined in transit.

The solution would be to put them under the grill for a few minutes – toasted bread balls. Of course, I wouldn't dream of marketing toasted bread balls; I’m not that daft. But they prove to be a great snack for when you’re out of Weetos and Pot Noodle.


This morning I've been doing some experimentation with the idea.

I've discovered that bread is malleable enough without the aid of saliva. This opened up the door for adding other ingredients, and also gives me the opportunity to serve toasty bread balls at parties without fear of spreading my diseases to the guests.

Start with a slice of bread and spread your favourite sandwich spread across its surface. Now roll it into a ball with your hands (remember to wash them!) Whack them under the grill for a few minutes, crack them out and enjoy toasty bread balls, the best thing since whatever it was that was better than sliced bread.

spiritualized, Oct 06 2004

Plagiarism http://aspireeducat...file=viewtopic&t=34
The best link since the last link that was better than this link [spiritualized, Oct 06 2004]


       That last line seems awfully familiar. [+]
yabba do yabba dabba, Oct 06 2004

       awfuk familiar - yuk! is it a boy thing? <fingers down throat>
po, Oct 06 2004

       get me a bucket...
po, Oct 06 2004

       A boy thing it must be, [po]. I'm seriously considering turning on the grill and breaking out the bread and marmite.
wagster, Oct 06 2004

       -1 for health - disgust thing, sorry - no not really.
po, Oct 06 2004

       Hmm... take baked bread, roll it with something tasty, bake/grill it again.   

       OK, bread cooked twice. I think the term 'Bis Cuit' or 'biscuit' means literally. "Twice Cooked".   

       Am I mistaken? If not -- Baked, baked, and baked! ;o)
not_only_but_also, Oct 07 2004

       Is this a recipe, or does the inclusion of spit exclude such classification? (I know it does for me personally.)
half, Oct 07 2004

       [half] - //I've discovered that bread is malleable enough without the aid of saliva//
wagster, Oct 07 2004

       I saw that, thanks. I was attempting a bit of levity.
This is a recipe, no?
half, Oct 07 2004

       Sorry [half], it across a little unleavened to me...
wagster, Oct 07 2004

       Deleavened bread?
half, Oct 07 2004

       Yes, I have it with tea for my delevenses.
wagster, Oct 07 2004

       Please, take this idea to overbaked.   

       Wait... um, nevermind.
Pericles, Oct 09 2004

       Just baked some - made about six out of each slice. The lime marmalade ones were ok, but the marmite was just fantastic. Used a little butter to help them along and grilled until lightly browned. Will definitely make again.
wagster, Dec 04 2004


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