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Tissue blowing

A combination of Puff and aerodynamic stuff.
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A standard square of tissue is folded anyway the contestant wishes, and fixed to the face by breathing in for 2 seconds. Then a forceful exhalation of air is used to propel the tissue as far as possible. Obviously the furthest wins.
Ling, Apr 04 2015


       Silly, infantile and pointless.   

8th of 7, Apr 04 2015

       The tennis grunters now have a new outlet. People will have to be checked for snuff, though.
wjt, Apr 04 2015

       Hey, why does my tissue smell like chlorof...   

       This is easy.   

       (1) Suck tissue into mouth (2) Chew and salivate to produce a dense ball of pulp (3) Ptooey.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 04 2015

       I practice breathing a lot. I bet I'd win the gold, or at the very least come in second. +
blissmiss, Apr 04 2015

       OK, I see someone is trying to blow a hole in my cunning plan. In that case, let's add that the tissue must remain free of additional material at all times. I might pre-empt any further rule bending by stipulating that man-servants cannot be used, or abused, in any way, either.
Ling, Apr 04 2015

       Could pets be trained to join the fun ? Zoo animals ? insects ?   

       Horton blows his nose after hearing a who ?
popbottle, Apr 04 2015

       Would you blow it at the zoo ?
Would you blow it in your shoe ?
Would you drop it in the dirt ?
Would you wipe it on your shirt ?
8th of 7, Apr 04 2015

       The first thing [8th] said.
Voice, Apr 09 2015

       I would think the first thing [8th] said was " waaahhh ", as he was ejected from his mother's womb.
[+] for the idea.
xandram, Apr 10 2015

       //as he was ejected from his mother's womb// - I think you mean "...mothers' wombs"
hippo, Apr 10 2015


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