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The Plutonium Medal

So that coming in last place is worth it
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Gold is valuable, so it's used for first place in competion. Silver is less valuable, and bronze is nearly worthless. Not getting a medal at all probably sucks, but coming in absolute last place...that is just plain painful.

So lets start awarding plutonium medals to the last place finishers. Not only is it quite valuable, but the medal winners may get superpowers from being around radiation. Or they may die.

Note: athletes from dangerous coutries are not allowed keep radioactive medals they win.

sleeka, Dec 13 2005


bristolz, Dec 13 2005

       Bun for last line.
DesertFox, Dec 18 2005

       This is a good idea. It brings back that whole "you're special" thing, though.
Honduras, Dec 18 2005

       Why does a medal have to be metallic?   

       Shit medals would solve the problems you demonstrate re losing athletes from rogue (rouge?) states, while reinforcing the laudable and patriotically anti communistic "it's not the taking part, but the material reward that counts" sentiment behind the idea.   

       In the original Olympics, winners just got a bunch of leaves for their trouble.
zen_tom, Dec 18 2005

       // athletes from dangerous countries are not allowed keep radioactive medals they win.//
Whereas all other athletes are free to sell them to whomever they choose.
moomintroll, Dec 18 2005

       and who gets to decide who goes on the "dangerous countries (sp)" list ?
xenzag, Dec 18 2005

       This is a good idea as the loser will probably suffer burns and/or radiation sickness so it provides a disincentive for losing. The gold is the carrot, the plutonium is the stick.
wagster, Dec 18 2005

       Can't we just hit them with a stick?
moomintroll, Dec 18 2005

       Yeah, and tie them upside down to a tree and tickle their feet.
wagster, Dec 18 2005

       Man, the Olympics just gets better every year.
moomintroll, Dec 18 2005

       Propose uranium medal instead--uranium is reasonably safe to be around, and (in medal-sized quantities) not possible to make a bomb out of.
5th Earth, Dec 19 2005


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