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Titanium SCUBA armour

Dive and survive ...
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Chainmail body suits exist for diving where there is a risk of attack by sharks or other predators.

These protect well against penetrating wounds from teeth, but not against crush injuries or being shaken.

With BorgCo SCUBA armour, safety is assured. Resembling mediaeval plate armour, it is fully articulated and protects against both biting and crushing; the articulation of the joints is intentionally limited so that the normal flexion of skeletal joints cannot be exceeded (degree and range of movement fully adjustable).

The helmet faceplate is armour glass and the gas supply bottles and pipework are similarly protected.

The mass of the armour is compensated simply by removing weights from the diver's weightbelt.

Be it a Humbolt squid, a Great White, or a salt-water crocodile, if you want to dive in dangerous places, BorgCo diving armour is what you need.

8th of 7, Aug 19 2014

No need to protect the gas bottles. http://www.porcelai...-tank-gives-gas.htm
[MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 19 2014]

Bear Suit http://en.wikipedia...ject_Grizzly_(film)
[bs0u0155, Aug 19 2014]

Like one of these, then? http://en.wikipedia...spheric_diving_suit
Various "hard" diving suits... [neutrinos_shadow, Aug 20 2014]


       One thing about weights, they're supposed to be able to be jettisoned in emergencies. Will this armor be removable via explosive bolts?
normzone, Aug 19 2014

       How else ?   

       Some weights will still be required. Titanium's quite light, and chosen because it's very stiff. Some components could be carbon fibre, aluminium, steel or GRP - whatever's best for the specific application. 316SS is pretty tough, but would be much heavier than Ti. Aluminium's susceptible to chloridic corrosion.
8th of 7, Aug 19 2014

       This is your guy <link>
bs0u0155, Aug 19 2014

       I may have left my pet jellyfish in that little reservoir thing built into your SCUBA armor pants, 8th. Let me know if you find it.
bungston, Aug 19 2014

       Is SCUBA divers getting bitten by sharks a big problem?
DIYMatt, Aug 19 2014

       For the SCUBA divers that get bitten, yes. For the ones that don't, not so much.
8th of 7, Aug 19 2014

       Generally not. SCUBA bubbles are so noisy it annoys the sharks and they tend to stay away. Kind of if I came into your office and began singing in a monotone " bubbly bubbly...bubbly bubbly..." over and over. One of us would have to leave.   

       Now freediving spearos, who try to sneak around silently and put blood in the water by killing fish periodically, that's a different set of odds.
normzone, Aug 19 2014

       // it annoys the sharks //   

       What's wrong with this picture ... ?   

       //I came into your office and began singing in a monotone " bubbly bubbly...bubbly bubbly..." over and over. One of us would have to leave. //   

       Not necessarily... at least, not until the decomposition of your corpse became an issue.
8th of 7, Aug 19 2014

       //singing in a monotone " bubbly bubbly...bubbly bubbly..."   

       Just call it minimalism and apply for an arts council grant.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 19 2014

       You could start with a simple youtube video and gauge fundability by likes / dislikes.   

       Talking about the monotone bubbly bubbly song now.
bungston, Aug 20 2014

       Well, I always did want to be in a band. Never did imagine this path though.
normzone, Aug 20 2014


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