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Toaster Coat

A Jacket For People On The Run
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Just imagine, you just woke up a half hour late for work, and you need breakfast, fast. Simply put some bread, a bagel or something you need toasted in the pocket of the toaster coat and in a few short minuits your item will be toasted to perfection. On cold days simply turn on the toaster to keep you warm. This coat will revolutionize life for the people in a hurry who need breakfast and help you stay warm on those chilly days, and with the option of refridgerated pockets to keep your toast toppings cold, you may never need to worry about breakfast on the run again.
Uhunno, Dec 18 2005


       Haven't you heard the general law that toast doesn't come out of any toaster unless you have either a very big peice of toast, or you pull out the plug and use a knife? (either that or all toast slices are against me, which they probably are). If you put your toast in and it wouldn't come out, wouldn't you get electrocuted or stabbed after you pulled out your Swiss Army knife to get it out?   


froglet, Dec 18 2005

       Sounds flammable. And uh, toasty. (is shot by pun police.)
ultra-toaster 3000, Oct 18 2009


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