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Virtual False Teeth

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Many people find dentures uncomfortable and a nuisance to clean. An alternative would be miniature laser implants inside the mouth which would project a holographic image of perfect dentures. Additionally, they could be programmed to change the color of the dentures to co-ordinate with the user's clothes.
Faulstroh, Dec 30 2009

Hatsune Miko live https://www.youtube...watch?v=9S39YCKVxgI
I put her between Taylor and Brittany, and Brittany and Taylor for singing and dancing skills, respectively. Top marks for hair. Not much for the gossip rags to work with, though. [bungston, Feb 13 2016]

Hologram, per wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holography
[normzone, Feb 13 2016]


       Are you going to slice and dice food with these lasers? Or slice up people--is this for a geriatric supervillain?
ldischler, Dec 30 2009

       They could make extra money laying on the couch at frat parties and projecting Pink Floyd laser shows on the ceiling.
leinypoo13, Dec 30 2009

       [m-f-d] magic: free-space volumetric projection suitable for this does not exist yet.
notexactly, Feb 09 2016

       I don't think this is possible: The illusion of whiteness would depend on the surrounding light. You could make them look right under specific lighting conditions, but the moment they turn on a lamp, go out into the sun, or just turn a little to the left, the illusion is gone.
Voice, Feb 09 2016

       Yeah, holograms...the well known technology that we can't agree on what exactly it is.
normzone, Feb 09 2016

       Would work as projection with teeny water droplets in front/or in the mouth, or just smoke a lot.   

       Have noticed people in the UK with the Holland & Holland 465 Nitro Express version of electric cigarettes, they virtually disappear on exhalation. Ideal anti-sniper cover in a pinch.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 11 2016

       /we can't agree on what exactly it is/ It has recently been brought to my attention that 8 foot tall anime holograms sing pop songs and pack them in at the arena. I had no idea holograms were so far along!   

       /magic/ I do not think Hatsune is being created in freespace. I think the stage is full of near-invisible glass screens. But I am impressed! She scampers around the stage just like a real pop star.
bungston, Feb 13 2016

       Yeah, the girl looks traditionally animated.
normzone, Feb 13 2016


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