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Super-available Spandex.

Ubiquitous telephone-booth-based fancy-dress-costume vending machines.
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Maybe you’re Superman travelling light, or Wonder Woman going commando for the day. Maybe you’re just a bored commuter on your way to the boring office. Or maybe you’re on a night out with your friends, and you’ve had *one* too many tequilas.

Whichever way, on encountering that omnipresent ‘unexpected-disaster-in-the-making’, isn’t it comforting to know that your anonymous, but super-powered*, alter-ego can be conveniently and easily accessed using only a few coins and a nearby ‘phone booth?

One size fits all. Most common brands available. Comes in discreet packaging so it can also be stored for later (“something for the weekend, sir”?)

*Supercostume may not guarantee superpowers. Supervillain products strictly not available, for the general safety of yourself and thousands around you.

riknite, Sep 11 2009

*Supercostume may not guarantee superpowers. http://4.bp.blogspo...tcostumewinners.JPG
[normzone, Sep 11 2009]

NHS ad on superhero costumes and booze http://www.youtube....watch?v=bQHd96-jHdU
(Not for the squeamish. I don't like the twitching.) [theleopard, Sep 14 2009]


       Where you gonna find a phone booth these days?
Jim Bob of Merriam Park, Sep 11 2009

       I wouldn't consider that a problem. This is actually a solution for unused 'phone booths. In fact, they could even be put back in for exactly this purpose. The time would come, in fact, when people would forget they'd ever been used from which to make calls.
nineteenthly, Sep 11 2009

       Not everyone should have access to spandex, it just ain't right.
kaz, Sep 11 2009

       Clearly the current policy of having it available only on prescription after a written exam and a licence application needs tightening up then. I mean, it's not like you can just go into a shop and buy a leotard, is it?
nineteenthly, Sep 11 2009

       Look, here comes superjoggler!!!
Sparkyplugclean, Sep 12 2009

       Villains fear the mighty Special-Man, the man who can wiggle his ears, raise both eyebrows and also has a double-jointed thumb!
DrWorm, Sep 12 2009

       But those vending machines always have the wrong product stocked. I try for a mountain dew, and I get a Brisk light... What happens when superman travels light, and ends up getting a wonder woman costume when trouble is brewing?
ye_river_xiv, Sep 14 2009

       Hilarity ensues.
English Bob, Sep 14 2009

       I like it, but superhero costumes and booze don't mix, so says the NHS [linky].   

       [+], apart from the fact that you'd have to put on a used costume.   

       Actually, thinking on that, [±], for reasons of stinky.
theleopard, Sep 14 2009

       [nineteenthly] There should be a written exam to wear spandex, with yearly resits to ensure people aren't abusing their usage rights.
kaz, Sep 14 2009

       That would be an interesting paper to read. Also interesting that it should be an exam paper rather than an application form. Would the credit on it be transferable, and if so to what?
nineteenthly, Sep 14 2009

       Utility Belt Accessory coupons, maybe? "I got B+, cool, 180 points! I can almost afford the grapple gun - woohoo!"
riknite, Sep 15 2009

       Come to think of it, maybe a physical exam would be more appropriate, e.g. "What's your BMI?" (assuming non-kinkiness on the part of the examiner of course).
nineteenthly, Sep 15 2009


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