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Tromped L'Oeil Toilet B'Oeil

Depth of purpose
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These artful embellishments make it appear that the bowl is yawningly deep. Options include

1: Volcano interior

2: Rebuilt Deathstar, with optional Emperor plummetting down.

3: Niagara Falls from above

4: Hole in ice, with baleful eye of giant pike looking up through.

5: Top of ferris wheel, with tiny fairgoers below.

bungston, Nov 16 2012

lots of weird toilets... http://www.google.c.....1ac.1.C2gt5j6cyxc
[xandram, Nov 16 2012]


       I always assumed that they were named such because the artists made them with Oeil and you tromped across them.
bungston, Nov 16 2012

       If you have a boil on your toilet bits then you need all the help you can get!
pocmloc, Nov 16 2012

       Sure. Why not. (other than exacerbating the difficulties of toilet training the kids).
AusCan531, Nov 17 2012


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