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toilet roll runout warning

Warn of impending runout on toilet roll
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A dark coloured sheet could be added to each roll of toilet tissue about 10 sheets before the end of the roll. An optical detector on the toilet roll holder would warn that the roll was about to run out.

This would reduce the risk of situations where you are stuck in the look with no toilet roll - particularly in public locations.

spoof, Mar 11 2004


       They could do something like till rolls, where a narrow faint red streak becomes thicker and darker until suddenly it stops, and shortly afterwards so does the roll.
PeterSilly, Mar 11 2004

       Ah. This is for public toilets where you can't see the roll. The optical detector would be the human eye, yes?
English Bob, Mar 11 2004

       I really thought this was going to be much, much worse. About oozing or something.   

       If this is for a public loo, what good would the pre-warning piece be if you go in when the dark sheet has already been used? It's not like you would use a particular cubicle in a particular public loo so often for this warning to be necessary. You just need to know if the loo roll is present/absent. Surely a simple window in the holder would suffice.   

       If it is for at home, hell, just use a bathtowel. It'll wash! <joking>.   

       [PeterSilly] That may lead to unnecessary panic amongst the "checkers".
squeak, Mar 11 2004

       But the fact remains: If there's no TP to back it up, you're still caught with your pants down ...
Letsbuildafort, Mar 11 2004

       Instead of a dark sheet, you could use a sticky note with a message that the last user could put on the stall door.
Selkie, Mar 11 2004

       Selkie i can see a drunken sport of putting toilets out of action using the note.
engineer1, Mar 11 2004

       this is already done for till rolls in... well tills. A pink line (sometimes blue) appears along the last couple of feet of the roll, letting the operator know its nearly done.
etherman, Jun 18 2004

       A la 'Running Out Slip' in Rizla and Swan papers.
wagster, Dec 22 2004


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