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velcro socks

we all need velcro on our socks
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Attach a strip of up-spin velcro around the outside of the primary sock hole. Attach the down-spin velcro to the inside of your pants. In addition to keeping the socks from falling down, it prevents your slack-holes from roaming if they are prone to static migrations.
prometheus, Oct 06 2001

sock suspenders http://www.google.c...&btnI=Google+Search
[prometheus, Oct 06 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

velcro, sex and socks http://www.accessex.../russell_socks.html
its helped somebody [po, Oct 06 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

National Mole Day http://www.moleday.org
The whole mole thing (thanks to Maleta for bringing mole day to my attention) [pottedstu, Oct 06 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Sit down -> trouser leg rises -> velcro pulls off -> ripping noise -> invention useless -> wearer dies of shame.   

       Get garters or sock suspenders. Velcro is seldom the answer to your problems.
pottedstu, Oct 06 2001

       po: A few days ago in the USA it was national mole day, when chemistry teachers try to get children interested in chemistry by drawing pictures of moles (yup, blind furry mammals). I thought chem teachers were the strangest beings in the universe, but no, biology teachers snatch the trophy. (No wonder all the kids at uni are doing business studies or psychology.)
pottedstu, Oct 07 2001

       all I ever did in chemistry was to blow things up including myself and best friend. are they blowing up the moles?
po, Oct 07 2001

       po: Sadly not. It's a lame pun. A mole is also a measurement of an amount of an element/compound equal to 6 x 10^23 atoms. See the web page, and check out those zany chemistry jokes.
pottedstu, Oct 07 2001

       but are they furry, blind ? wipes a tear from eye
po, Oct 07 2001

       by the bye - its National Fetish Weekend in London
po, Oct 07 2001

       I'm calling bullshit on RevaBeth Russell's lesson plan. How do you get socks inside a balloon?
prometheus, Oct 07 2001

       << How do you get socks inside a balloon? >>   

       With a patented sock-o-balloon-o-sqeezy. (I tried to do it the same way you get an egg into a milk bottle, ie by creating a partial vacuum in the bottle, but that fails on so many levels. I recommend you use a really big balloon.)   

       Thanks for destroying all my illusions.   

       po: As far as I can understand, which I admit isn't far, National Mole Day is an effort to get children to draw blind furry mammals in the belief that this'll make them better able to understand totally unrelated things.   

       Genuine American high-school student speaks: "Also, my fanatic Chem teacher wants us all to make a mole out of felt for national mole day or something to that effect. Now, does it bother anyone else that THAT will be a major grade? You know, making moles..in chemistry. Geez."
pottedstu, Oct 07 2001, last modified Oct 08 2001

       Pottedstu: There is a way to get things into balloons. Flower shops often use it. Plexiglass box with hole in top, put balloon over hole. Suck air out of box, balloon 'inflates' into box, and you can reach through the hole to put in things like teddybears and flowers.
StarChaser, Oct 08 2001

       Possible modification: Use angled stiff-bristle velvet similar to that often used inside trouser-waists, vinyl record cleaners, lint-brushes and snowskis (The kiddies/training variety, not the highspeed type). If the pile is angled up inside trouser-leg and down outside sock, then you could possibly get the best of both worlds: Significant (but not excessive) "Up" force on sock and "Down" force on trouser-leg while still allowing actions like sitting-down and running without the shameful ripping noise or undue restriction of movement. This should also be significantly lighter and less rigid than velcro.
rjfarquhar, Jul 07 2003


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