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Well-lit cemetery.

Employing lights/music to discourage loiterers/crooks.
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Many cemeteries are frequented at night by assorted ne'er-do-wells and weirdoes. This problem could be solved if cemeteries (particularly those in urban areas) were lit up at night by floodlights (The kind you see at stadiums) operating on a timer (They could have "shades" placed to prevent light pollution from straying to any nearby homes), in addition to strategically placed speakers playing an endless loop of specially selected muzak that discourages loitering, convenience stores around here employ these methods to deter these people from hanging around.
RogerRam, Aug 29 2003

Sorry if I am "Cynical" - Mark Twain http://www.juvalamu...arks/perm9803a.html
[gnomethang, Oct 04 2004]

Poe's Deathaversary http://www.geocitie...son/3347/poeusa.htm
Wouldn't want this sort of thing discouraged. [grip, Oct 04 2004]


       I bet those "shades" would let some "light" through.
Glad the muzak was "Real"....Ooops, sorry , wrong website. (link)
gnomethang, Aug 29 2003

       Sounds like a big waste of energy to keep the weirdos out. Perhaps use motion sensors with the lights. Of course that would be a bit spooky if the lights keep coming on and you know nobody's there.
Worldgineer, Aug 29 2003

       Have some respect for the dead. Would you want your sleep disturbed like that? At least the wierdo freaks are darker and a bit quieter. I'd rather listen to somebody getting stabbed than muzak anyway.   

       eh...+ just because I'm a great guy.
Eugene, Aug 29 2003

       // and you know nobody's there. //   

       No, you just hope nobody - or nothing - is there ..........
8th of 7, Aug 29 2003

       It's where Robert Johnson learned some great blues licks, too.
thumbwax, Aug 29 2003

       As a weirdo / former cemetery-hanger-outer, I have to agree with jutta.
Jezzie, Aug 29 2003

       I'd prefer the 'assorted ne'er-do-wells and weirdoes' were hanging out in a cemetery than on my street corner. Don't see the problem. Leave 'em alone.
waugsqueke, Aug 30 2003

       Cemeteries are supposed to be dark and creepy. You want to ruin a great tradition of horror movie sets and ghost story venues?
tchaikovsky, Aug 30 2003

       Or just have yourself buried at your local Barnes & Noble.
jutta, Nov 11 2004

       What have you got against weirdoes?
wagster, Nov 12 2004

       But where will all the goths have sex?
harderthanjesus, Nov 12 2004

       [jutta]: Do they not have ne'er-do-wells and weirdoes at B & N?
angel, Nov 12 2004


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