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Tonal Aiming Assistance

universal-standard, toilet bowl variable sound-board
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Late night bathroom runs are a compromise between waking up enough to get your business done and staying groggy enough to get back to sleep. Keeping the lights off is one way to prevent waking up too much but, for men, aiming becomes a problem. It is quite easy to tell if you are near the edge of the bowl because shallow water sounds different than deeper water. The question is: which side are you on?

If the bowl was designed to have two distinct sound chambers, the urinator would be able to tell, by sound alone, which way to move the stream. (Thats the variable sound-board part) If there was a standard for which side had a higher pitched tone, the urinator would be able to tell, by sound alone, which way to move the stream even while a guest at someone else's home. (That's the universal-standard part.)

Sure, we could sit down or turn on the light or any number of other girly things but, we're men! Also, those with good bladder and hip muscle control could compose tunes for their own enjoyment.

ato_de, May 03 2005

HB: "Todger Torch" Todger_20Torch
[DenholmRicshaw]'s April 02 answer to the problem using an altogether different approach. [bristolz, May 04 2005]

HB: "Go and Glo' " Go_20and_20Glo_27
[seank]'s Aug 01 approach using yet another different method. [bristolz, May 04 2005]


       Yes! You hum it and I'll play the notes.
DenholmRicshaw, May 03 2005

       You could just electrify the rim.
Adze, May 03 2005

       "Water on water makes sound for all to hear, but water on porcelain brings no sound to the ear."
Walter from Maude.

       I think Stingers use a tonal aiming or target acquisition system.
bristolz, May 04 2005


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