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Urinal Curtain

The convenience of peeing in the shower, now in the urinal!
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When urinals are backed with hard porcelin or a metal of some kind, it often happens that urine splashes back onto the urinator's pants. On the other hand, when urinating in the shower, the splashing back is not as common, due to the flexible give of a plastic curtain, a trait even more effective when paired with water flowing down the curtain.

So, instead of producing urinals with hard backs, the producers can still make porcelin or metal frames, the sides which prevent splashing or curious eyes, but the backing and bowl itself is now a thin plastic sheet with a small amount of water constantly washing over it. Behind the sheet is a thin, bare sheet of metal, to prevent urine from coming out the back, but still giving much more room than porcelin so the curtain can move back and forth with more ease.

At the bottom of the curtain is a thin, relatively lightweight rod that keeps it from twisting or ripping, but still allows the give of a shower curtain.

A side benefit of these curtains is the instantly customizable element added to the toilets. Now novelty games and aiming activities have a much larger range, and businesses can customize their toilets with advertising and slogans simply by making the urinal curtain into a sleeve.

grza, Oct 15 2007

OpenEast Effortless Defecation Pipe OpenEase_20Effortless_20Defecation_20Pipe
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       If the showerhead is turned off the person in the shower and directed only to the curtain, and then turned to a low drip, a man can urinate without being confused by the showering water, and see how much less urine, almost none at all, splashes back on the urinator.
grza, Oct 15 2007

       I'd hate to see where you have a dump, [grza]
skinflaps, Oct 15 2007

       A guy in my halls used to piss in his room in the sink at the end of his bed rather than walk down the hall to the loos. I just couldn't fathom it. That's rank. I know he was a student and everything but come on!
theleopard, Oct 15 2007

       I think everyone is getting the wrong idea. This is an ordinary urinal, only saving the costs of porcelin or metal for the backing, as well as saving room. If the curtain had even equivalent splashing, it would be an improvement on those ground alone, but with lowered splashing and thus higher customer satisfaction, as well as increased advertising revenue, it's a tremendous deal!
grza, Oct 15 2007

       As for my "dump"s, see the OpenEase Effortless Defecation Pipe.
grza, Oct 15 2007

       I have, my dinner is on hold.
skinflaps, Oct 15 2007

       Remind me never to use the loo at grza's place.
RayfordSteele, Oct 15 2007


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