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Urinary Diverter

Redirect your pee stream when you have "morning wood".
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Sometimes you may have a situation where you need to use the bathroom badly but you also have an erection. It tends to make things difficult if your member wants to point upward but your toilet is downward. The solution- A curved section of plastic piping that makes it possible to comfortably urinate in the direction of your penis while redirecting the stream to go down into the toilet. It saves plenty of embarassing messes and takes the guesswork out of properly aiming for the bowl.
Jscotty, Aug 30 2005

The scoop on urination and erections http://www.teenwire...29p728-erection.php
Because somebody is going to ask... [dbsousa, Aug 30 2005]


sleeka, Aug 30 2005

normzone, Aug 30 2005

       Erm, I suppose...   

       Feeling compelled to bun this, because the idea is sound, but not wanting to, because the topic is taboo. Maybe if you just mount the toilet upside down on the ceiling, above your head?
david_scothern, Aug 30 2005

       Needed. +
phundug, Aug 30 2005

       The length of the wang must come into question. And would therefore have to be a different down tube design for each person.
Antegrity, Aug 30 2005

       Well I figured that the device would be 3 inches in diameter (about the size of an oatmeal container) and about 2 feet long. If you can't get your wanker into there, I doubt that peeing while erect is your biggest problem.
Jscotty, Aug 31 2005

       The most interesting thing about this device is the catagory for which it sits.   

       Does this "Diverter" have another purpose?
skinflaps, Aug 31 2005

       Problem is, it is physically impossible to pee if you have an erection as the bladder sphincter is prevented from opening. You would need a catheter attached to the pipe, and I suspect that is probably something you wouldn't be too excited about at the time.
wagster, Aug 31 2005

       <<Problem is, it is physically impossible to pee if you have an erection>>   

       Not true, read the link...
dbsousa, Aug 31 2005

       Wagster, there is a difference between waking up with an erection and having an erection while you are "layin the pipe" to your woman. You might think that its impossible from a scientific process but every guy in this room knows what I am talking about.
Jscotty, Sep 02 2005

       To avoid confusion, replace //an erection// with ‘morning wood’ in the subtitle.
Shz, Sep 02 2005

       If this device were made opaque, it could be fitted with a strap and worn in lieu of shorts. I understand that in France and elsewhere, a similar garment is made with a large gourd. The gentle curve in the pipe proposed by the inventor should prevent the curious from peering inside.
bungston, Sep 02 2005

       Ok, the description has been changed to reflect the term "morning wood".
Jscotty, Sep 02 2005

       //while you are "layin the pipe" to your woman.// [Jscotty]
I understand the correct scientific term is "taking the log to the beaver"?
methinksnot, Mar 22 2006


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