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Tongue-cicles/Tongue Sucker-Pops

A fun tongue shaped lickable confection.
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Here is another idea I actully tried to produce for a 'Hippie Festival' that I was planning to be a vendor at. I discovered a 'gag gift' company that made miniature rubber human tongues ( all puns unavoidable). These 'tongues' would expand to the actual real size when placed in water for 30 minutes .

Voila! Birth of an idea.........I was going to sell 'tongue' shaped stuff. The Tongue-cicle was a natural. Imagine a pink colored frozen tongue-on-a-stick! Imagine people walking around all over the festival grounds with pink, frozen, tongues sticking in and out of their mouths. It blows my mind just recalling it..................

Let it rip! Tongue (hard candy) pops, the afore mentioned Tongue-cicle, rubber tongues, miniature expando- tongues, 'gummy' tongues (mould-cast candy). Life size rubber tongues (cast from a simple plaster mould).

I was going to have mason jars filled with water lining the display booth area. Each with a mini-expando tongue in various stages of swelling. "Buy 'em tiny or fully swollon", was my thinking. I could yell " get some tongue--HERE!" "I want my Tongues, in your mouth"! and so on........

Outcome: Too big an idea to accomplish, in too little time. Gift wholeseller couldn't ship the tiny tongues in time. "The logistics had me licked!"

Plus I was informed that I would have to get a special food handlers permit to sell frozen treats to people. Alas...... perhaps a future project.

Cosmo, Aug 26 2003

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[po, Oct 04 2004]


       "In Soviet Russia, the tongue licks you!"
krelnik, Aug 26 2003

       <moving to Russia...>
DeathNinja, Aug 26 2003

       do they all come in tongue flavour or do they come in another flavour? Like bannana... or horse...   

       You'd need to post a health warning in case anyone stuck it anywhere other than their mouths and tried to sue you... or you could create another line just for this purpose...
Ossalisc, Aug 27 2003

       something just occured to me... you must be the worst hippie in history if your going crazy over the idea of selling the stuff!
Ossalisc, Aug 27 2003


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