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Volcanic Enchiladas

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Its frozen tortilla exterior gives the impression that it is merely an oddly cone-shaped burrito. However, hidden beneath the shell is a specially-shaped reservoir of enchilada sauce waiting to erupt and reshape the landscape of the lunch plate. When placed within the microwave (3 minutes 30 seconds, on high), the fire gods within begin to stir. The side of maize and frijoles on the plate begin to shake (representing natives dancing to placate the supernatural powers). And then, just when their dancing has reached a simmer, the tortilla summit breaks open with steam and a flood of volcanic enchilada sauce(1). Beep! Your enchilada is done. The natives' prayers have gone unanswered.

1/ Effusive eruption, not explosive.

swimswim, Apr 14 2010


       Can we get fries with that ?   

8th of 7, Apr 14 2010

       Watch out for pyroclastic flow when you open the microwave.
DrWorm, Apr 14 2010

       Would they be pyroclastic flows, or more like lahars ?   

       Would the enchillada be contrived to mimic an acidic or a basic lava ?
8th of 7, Apr 14 2010

       If you leave it in too long, do you get a sort of Krakatoa-like explosion (extra points if the answer is yes)
xenzag, Apr 14 2010

       Krakatoa was a phreatomagmatic explosion, caused by the interaction of magma and seawater.   

       A better model would be Mount Pelee, or St. Helens, or one of the many Central American volcanoes ...
8th of 7, Apr 14 2010

       //phreatomagmatic explosion// - now, if you were deep-fat frying your enchilada, and then introduced about a tablespoon of water...
lurch, Apr 14 2010

       For a more explosive enchilada, set the timer for 5 minutes instead of 3 and a half.
swimswim, Apr 15 2010

       Would you serve this on tectonic plates?
mouseposture, Apr 15 2010

       For accuracy, it would be balanced on the junction of two plates, one pushing under the other ...
8th of 7, Apr 15 2010

       As the heated enchilada sauce passes through the layer of ice, it produces a cloud of burrito dust which procedes to disable air travel for most of North-Western Europe?
dbmag9, Apr 16 2010

dentworth, Jun 08 2010

       as the digested enchilada sauce passes through the bowels it releases gas clouds which make commercial flights nearly impossible.
metarinka, Jun 10 2010


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