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Tooth Fairy, Inc.

Tough times call for drastic measures.
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Gone are the days of hiding the recently loosed tooth under the pillow and finding the shiny coin the next morning. It's getting too cost prohibitive for the Tooth Fairy to keep up with today's kids. Fuel costs are up, and inflation dictates greater payout values than in previous years. The pre-adolescent dental loss remuneration and collection business model is due for an overhaul.

So here it is. Instead of 'pillowing' the tooth, the child can, with adult assistance, package it up and ship it to one of Tooth Fairy, Inc.'s regional tooth exchange depots, where it will be received, registered, appraised, and a check for the appropriate amount mailed out to the child right away (please allow 5 to 10 business days for processing).

Besides the substantial Fairy cost savings, this method has advantages for the child too. He or she plays a more active role in the tooth-for-dollars swap process, and it is more believable (not to mention eliminating the possibility that Mom or Dad getting caught slipping the quarter under the pillow).

[The idea is for a business service that the parents of newly-toothshy kids could buy. They would pay the amount of dental reembursement to Tooth Fairy Inc, plus a processing fee and the company will receive tooth and mail back a check. There is probably some noble purpose for which they could use the collected kid-teeth as well, though I can't think of one.]

waugsqueke, Mar 23 2003

Tooth fairy could make money. http://www.whiotv.c...2150280/detail.html
Stem cells found in baby teeth. [wombat, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       "Make Tooth Fairy, Inc. tooth mailer envelopes available at dentists offices in an attractive little promotional tabletop display stand."   

       [Original annotation by bristolz]
waugsqueke, Mar 23 2003

       Round and round thee tooth puller go,thought i had seen this before.
skinflaps, Mar 23 2003

       Tooth Fairy Inc. could drill holes through the teeth and put eye rings through them and send back to the child for her (or him) to create his or her own Toothy Grin Charm Bracelet! Be the first one in second grade to wear all your teeth on your wrist! Better than Italian Charm Bracelets - Each Bracelet is Uniquely your own.   

       Then when you hit 6th grade and go steady, you can exchange teeth with the one you love.   

       (ok, it is 3:52 am, what do you expect?!!!)
cdcm, Aug 23 2003


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