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Talking dentures
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Hearing aids enhance sound with miniaturised circuitry.

Why not dentures that also enhance sound?

Tongue-tip switched they morph your whisper into the voice you've always wanted to have.

Crazy, but at least it's based on existing technology.

Searched? No. Eye trouble.

rayfo, Jun 21 2001

Aside: Tooth of the Day on "Galvanic Reaction" http://www.cyberden...2toothoftheday.html
This dentist thinks tooth radios are legitimate and even names the theory under which they operate. [Aristotle, Jun 21 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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Something this idea is NOT! [dgeiser13, Jun 21 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Theoretically, the 'teeth as radio' thing is possible. Two metals in the filling could form a point-contact diode, like the old 'cat's whisker'.
angel, Jun 21 2001

       Even though this idea could be a bit of a mouthful I like it a lot. It could be sold as "Karaoke Chompers - a winning smile and a winning voice".
Aristotle, Jun 21 2001

       Ah Aristotle ... I like you a lotle.
rayfo, Jun 21 2001

       saw the title....for where I live...I immediately thought "Yes! "Teeth" are a good idea!" I have neighbors who should get some.....
Susen, Jun 22 2001

       Well, dgeiser13's right this time. Rayfo does this thing a lot. If it's a generic, existing word ("Buttons", "Cycling"), it's usually him.
jutta, Jun 22 2001

       Kind of seems like the last thing we need is to make people louder. They're yammering away plenty right now.
Simonpf, Aug 14 2001

       "Clark, this is God." - name the radio chompers movie.
gnormal, Aug 14 2001

       Real Genius. [Clark, have you been . . . touching yourself again?]
elendilmir, Aug 25 2001


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