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Teeth Guard

Keep your teeth clean constantly
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Clean teeth are important to most people however it can sometimes be tedious, inconvenient and time consuming to brush, floss and rinse after each meal and before bed as dentists suggest.

I propose a thin custom built mouth guard that could be worn at all times, although it would only have to be worn while eating or drinking, and would provide continuous protection against cavity causing germs and plaque. The guard would be a sort of thin white [or clear] plastic that would be undectable and cause no discomfort. It would be formed so that it would prevent anything from getting behind it and accessing the teeth directly, however it would be soft so that teeth would still have feeling through the guard and they would still do the work of breaking up foods.

To clean the guard it could just be dropped in a special solution at night. Then in the morning when the guard is placed back on, the remnants of the solution would freshen your breath and you are ready to go.

clarwin, Jul 10 2002


       It's removable, yet it doesn't allow *anything* to get between the teeth and itself... I see a problem with that. And another with it being 'undetectable,' as I can detect the slightest annoyance between my teeth, it seems.   

       Sounds like a WIBNI to me.
RayfordSteele, Jul 10 2002

       Plastic coatings for teeth are well Baked (I'll leave the search to you).
phoenix, Jul 11 2002

       As RS notes, any practical version of this will result in food being trapped between the protector and the teeth, the very thing you're trying to avoid. Just use a toothbrush after eating like you dentist says.
DrCurry, Jul 11 2002

       sorta baked.. its supposedly the later version of *gasP* retainers..(for the uninitiated, thats what you wear after braces to make sure the corrections you made to your teeth stay that way and not revert back to their original state).. so right.. these retainers.. the dentist took a mould of my teeth after the braces came off.. later in the day i go back to the dentist to pick up this set of clear plastic moulds that i absolutely must wear at all times.. EXCEPT during eating or BRUSHING.. they're made of clear plastic.. and well they're pro'bly made from harder material than your proposed teeth guard.. and they're wearing off already.. been about 6 months.. maybe you could find material that's thin (to allow for feeling through the guard) but can still withstand the continuous wear and tear.. can't think of any such material right now but me thinks it's gonna be expensive.. plus you'll need to have em custom made to fit your own teeth.. in which case it's cheaper to just go with the good 'ol brush.. or if you really must splurge, an electric toothbrush.. those things work wonders.
wyldephlower, Jul 12 2002


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