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tooth pick tongue studs

sorry, rubbish rhyme
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It has always seemed to my dim brain
That body piercing equates with pain.

It’s not as if these things are pretty
But that’s not the reason for this present ditty

The tongue stud is the point of this idea
And ways to clean the mouth, the route I’ll steer

On the tip of the tongue, a needle-sharp nail
Can with some practice, dislodge food that’s stale.

A silver tongue stud with a pointed claw
I’m quite aware of the obvious flaw.

A safety cap feature is not going missing
It’s necessary for sleep and kissing.

Double your money; don’t be a tosser
With two such studs, you could be a flosser.

po, Oct 07 2004


       With two such studs, you could be a trois.
FarmerJohn, Oct 07 2004

       As someone who hates tongue studs I'd bone this idea, except I'm also someone who is obsessed with dental hygiene, so I'll have to bun it. I'm afraid that for some people this would be the only way to get them to "floss." Good thinking, [po].
Machiavelli, Oct 08 2004

       They should perhaps clean out the stud before they put it back into their tongue. +
sartep, Oct 08 2004

       Who can resist punching a piece of metal through their muscles?
harderthanjesus, Oct 08 2004

       hey, hole punch too!   

       not like UB to miss out!?!
po, Oct 08 2004


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