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Waste Bins that make Rude Noises

Rubbish with a burp
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This idea revolves around a waste bin that, makes a sound when it’s lid is opened. The sound would be a comical version of someone or something munching, gobbling, burping etc. The funnier the version of it, the better it’s marketability. There would have to be a volume and mute control on it. As well as having a wide novelty appeal in its own right, it would be especially attractive to parents who are trying to teach their kids to be tidy and chuck rubbish away in the house.
NumboJumbo, Sep 20 2007

Bin that makes a "whoosh!" noise Flaming_20bin
[hippo, Sep 20 2007]

Bin Polite Bin_20Polite
The idea I thought of while reading this one. [marklar, Sep 20 2007]

talking trash cans http://edition.cnn.....rubbish/index.html
[xandram, Sep 20 2007]


       You have inspired me [link].
marklar, Sep 20 2007

       Have Oscar the Grouch's voice say "HEY, do I throw things into your home? [grumble]"
phundug, Sep 20 2007


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