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Wayward Keys

quickie qwerty
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This keyboard has keys that charge their tiny springs as you press them. At a moment when you least expect it, probably when you need a break, the keys start shooting up and away like popping corn from an open pot. Each key has a peg on five of its sides, poking out randomly, causing them to squirm and carom like playful puppies.

Suddenly your desk is jumble of scrambling letters, V pushing R, and 8 making like a Mexican jumping bean over ? and X. Unsuccessful at stopping the alphabetic discharge, you retrieve M from your cuff, save Delete from the threatening wheel of your chair and, as if solving a puzzle, reassemble your keyboard.

FarmerJohn, Oct 28 2004

Perfection! http://www.unclesga...0ad39c3e91bfe684e79
Turn the timer, drop the shapes . . . Just don't get caught! POP! [contracts, Oct 28 2004]


       Do you need a nose guard to fend off those shooting keys ?
skinflaps, Oct 28 2004

       No, maybe a sanity guard.
FarmerJohn, Oct 28 2004

       I think if they had thin strings attached to them so I could reel a crank and have them reset, it would be a little more convenient. Otherwise, it's just another game of Perfection [link]. I *hated* that game!
contracts, Oct 28 2004

       I *loved* that game! It scared the crap out of me--fear is a great motivator.
yabba do yabba dabba, Oct 28 2004

       A perfect gag gift for your "friends". Of course the box would have to be a bit misleading, in the sense of not telling the person exactly what this keyboard does...
Psudomorph, Feb 07 2007


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