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use for scroll lock

finally, the button isnt wasted!
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GUI systems should be altered to take the Scroll Key as a signal that all arrow keys (or numpad arrows, depending on the settings) as being signals to scroll within the current scrollable object. even if you move on to something else. advantages? you could be typing in one window, and scroll around reading notes from another.
ironfroggy, Jan 03 2003


       Sorta baked in Microsoft Excel. If you press it, arrows will scroll the current sheet without moving the selection at all.
krelnik, Jan 03 2003

       But if only there were something to use the SysRq key for.
Alx_xlA, May 10 2009

       Does not SysRq capture the current screen or window to the clipboard?
supercat, May 11 2009

       How do you move the scroll focus, if it doesn't automatically follow the typing focus?   

       // Does not SysRq capture the current screen or window to the clipboard? //   

       Print Screen is on the same key on some keyboards, but it's a distinct function.
notexactly, Apr 09 2019


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