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Topping sprinkler for Bagels

A sprinkler with the right nozzle
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Ok, so this idea came to me when I was reading about the everything sprinkles idea that was recently posted.

It is simple. make a sprinkle container, like the tall cylinder parmesean containers, so that the nozzle part is as wide as a regular bagel. Now, you can turn the whole thing upside down and sprinkle your bagel with a couple up and down shakes, or whatever floats your boat. But wait, here's the magic (not really, but in an infomercial sense), the holes in the nozzle are shaped like a bagel, and there are no holes in the center of the nozzle, if you want it that way, because there is a cap that you can quickly adjust, to have the nozzle used for bagels, without sprinkling in the center, or for regular sprinkling, with holes on the whole surface, and this was a really long sentence.

It's an adjustable nozzle for sprinkling different things, but for now, bagels, and other things like pizza and salads. As for what goes inside of this that goes on bagels, pizza AND salads, that's not for me to decide, leave that up to the consumers.

twitch, Apr 27 2007




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