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Extra voting categories
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This is my first idea and I haven't been able to browse through all of the ideas here at the halfbakery, so please forgive me if this idea has already been proposed.

I think that the halfbakery voting options should have an "extend" option for users who wish to specifically vote on the different merits of an idea. Users still vote using the +/-/neutral system, but, optionally, they could also use the extended system.

The extended system would allow the increased indexing (and thus searchability) of the many ideas here. The extended system wouldn't affect best scores and are mainly for searching purposes. I don't know why, but I just think it'd be cool to search for ideas based on these extended voting categories.

Extended categories I propose (I attempted to continue the pastry/fish theme) flakiness/fishiness - (feasibility) is this idea just whack or is it actually possible? jam-filled/gut-filled - (originality) is the idea derivative/unoriginal or completely new? shape - (social effect) is this good or bad for society as a whole? sway - (personal emotion) is this an idea that appeals more to me for undeterminable reasons?

I'm sure you can come up with more categories if you like the idea... or m-f-d if you really hate it.

wan-fu, Aug 25 2002

2D Voting http://www.halfbake...om/idea/2D_20Voting
Similar idea and the annotation by pottedstu gives some other ideas. [wan-fu, Aug 25 2002]

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       The extra voting is, in essence, carried out by annotations (ex: I fishbone this and I'll tell you why . . ."). True, annotations don't offer up much in the way of reliable indexing but I would hate to see the precision of extended voting supplant the richness of annotations.
bristolz, Aug 25 2002

       Perhaps it might be better to make the search more specific? search [only annotations | topic names | descriptions | etc.]
wan-fu, Aug 25 2002

       This'd be an *awful* lot of reprogramming - there are well over 8,000 ideas already on this site. One of the beautiful things about the 'bakery is it's minimalist appearance - yet power that lies beneath the surface. Many new 'bakers want the site to change on their first idea. You've posted a well-thought idea which I've fishboned, for the reasons stated, though it's a pleasure to meet you.
thumbwax, Aug 25 2002

       Style: 4
Originality: 1
Relevance of title: 2
Calling the HB flaky: 8
I love this place! It's great! Now's here my suggestion for changing it: -2143
DrCurry, Aug 26 2002

       Its spelt well, and well thought through. I don't particulalry agree with it but tis a nice first idea. Mine sucked so far as I'm aware. Welcome to the bakery.
kaz, Aug 26 2002


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