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Virtual Property Destruction

Destructive rampage without the fear of being arrested.
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Taking control of a 3 dimensional avatar (skins supported!), the object of the game is to cause as much damage as possible. You are scored based on "property value" in $$$ amounts of stuff destroyed, and "entertainment value" (valuable antiques destroyed by crashing stolen helicopter through 4th storey window = one million points!!!).

There are various stages including hotels, city streets, museums, bars, airports, shopping malls and soccer stadiums. Some levels will have missions, such as "defile Sistine Chapel" or "disrupt White House tour".

All levels will be huge, populated and feature fully interactive props, so you can re-enact the "soft drink cans in the microwave" scene from Once A Thief if you want.

Stealing vehicles is possible. Any vehicle. Even ice cream trucks.

Power-ups include various weapons such as bricks, pool cues, wooden planks, steel pipes and baseball bats. A scooter lets you travel faster. Hooded jackets and balaclavas make you almost invisible to detection. Alcohol makes you temporarily impervious to damage and pain. It also effects your conscience, which can effect your score.

However, there are other characters to interact with such as fellow hooligans, innocent bystanders, security guards, good samaritans, mascots, lawyers, materialistic snobs and riot police. You can smack these guys in the face if you want (they score some points, from medical bills), but decide to do so and the police will literally hunt you down.

Multiplayer will obviously be supported, including free-for-alls, team games, an online league and the ever popular co-operative mode "drunken mob versus the cops".

mrkillboy, Dec 06 2000

State of Emergency http://ps2.ign.com/previews/16405.html
Found it hard to believe at first, but something very much like this idea is coming out on Playstation 2! [mrkillboy, Dec 06 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Grand Theft Auto 1 http://www.gamers.com/game/7994
The original. [filterX, Oct 04 2004]

Grand Theft Auto 2 http://www.gamers.com/game/59389
Next best from GTA1. [filterX, Oct 04 2004]

Grand Theft Auto 3 http://www.gamers.com/game/1038914
The one moved to first-person. [filterX, Oct 04 2004]

Grand Theft Auto : Vice City http://www.gamers.com/game/1086542
Latest & Greatest : Destroy just about anything / anyone. You even get to fly an apache helicopter. Hammer, sword, shotgun, machinegun, AK-47, grenades, timed grenades, missle-launcher, chaingun, + many more. And yes, you can destroy most store-fronts. [filterX, Oct 04 2004]

Burnout http://www.gamespot...burnout3/index.html
Crash Mode: On a city street, cause the biggest pile-up you can. More damage, more points. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Jan 15 2007]


       COOL! If this ever gets baked you can bet I would buy it. Now, would it be VR or like other popular games out right now, i.e. diablo 2?
barnzenen, Dec 07 2000

       I played a game at a friend's house (I think it was Driver) that had a level involving causing as much $$ in damage as possible. You were confined to the car, however.
FakeGreenDress, Dec 07 2000

       How about Virtual Clergy Add-On for Virtual Property Destruction? That way you can make home videos of the Pope putting a fresh egg carton in the microwave.
Amishman35, Feb 27 2001

       try "it also AFFECTS your conscience, which can AFFECT your score".   

       see, once it AFFECTS your conscience, the EFFECT is that your score is AFFECTED.   

       ....going to that PA meeting now.....
Susen, Feb 27 2001

       This is a boy thing, right?
MrPsloth, Feb 27 2001

       Wow, sounds like a great stress reliver, but by the way it sounds(may be just me) but it sounds like itll be in 3rd person or something, i think first person would be alot better.
WeaselMan, May 24 2001

       This sounds suspiciusly like Grand Theft Auto and GTA2 except with points for buildings instead of cars and pedestrians....
RobertKidney, Jun 21 2001

       Why not? I mean these days, every software house produces, the same stuff, and after several years of it it is getting boring. I mean what it the real diffrence between first player perspective games.   

       Got any idea, well maybe the plot and the graphics used, but there all the same crap.   

       It is about time these idiot realised that we need original stuff, and these types of ideas a first stage, so who cares if the censor board might disaprove, I still buy it.
cartman, Jul 19 2001

       Once, there was this game in which you had a hammer and had to wreck a city. With your efforts, you got bigger and bigger hammers. And then there was this Nintendo 64 game in which you had to blow a path through a city for a nuclear missile transporter with damaged brakes. Just can't remember the titles
Saruman, Jun 14 2002

       Baked - GTA:Vice City see link. Long history of this game, it's been out forever. Long before this post.
filterX, Dec 10 2002

       I would steal this game.
WordUp, Jul 12 2004


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