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Verified AF (TM) checkmark

For just a few dollars more!
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To obtain THIS highly sought after checkmark to appear by your social media account name, you have to visit a notary, show 3 approved forms of identification, and scan your biometric identifiers into the social media company's website.

Afterward, you will only be able to post from approved devices with the ability to read fingerprints or scan an IR/3D image of your face. You will have to submit to a scan to begin a post, and then once more to post it. No dictating to a third party. No assistants, no secretaries, no friends or relatives. That post DEFINITELY came from you. It's been verified. Verified AF.

21 Quest, Nov 10 2022

What is PKI? https://www.csoonli...rything-online.html
Public key infrastructure helps you authenticate the people you talk to and keep what you talk about secret. [a1, Nov 10 2022]

CAC==Common Access Card https://www.cac.mil/common-access-card/
I think [21_Q] knows all this, I'm just providing a glossary for everyone else. [a1, Nov 10 2022]

Here's your chance! https://arstechnica...stop-impersonation/
[a1, Nov 22 2022]


       Just enable PKI on social media network(s).   

       Your view of social media verification is not too far off from how government and many business networks operate. You need multi-factor authentication to log in to the system, and you need to re-verify when you sign an email.
a1, Nov 10 2022

       Is it notarized?
21 Quest, Nov 10 2022

       The problem with that method is it's fallible. Say you have to scan a chip card like a Common Access Card in the military. I can hand that card to my secretary and she can post away on my behalf. Or the card can be lost or stolen, and used to make several posts before the owner realizes it has been stolen and deactivates it.
21 Quest, Nov 10 2022

       // Is it notarized? //   

       You know, it's better than notarized. There's more to getting a valid ID certificate than just visiting a notary, and they're harder to fake/forge than a notary stamp.   

       At least - as long as the issuance is controlled at least as well as military does. I lost my CAC (link) a couple months ago. Getting it replaced required a fingerprint check AND also showing two pieces of unexpired, government issued picture IDs. In lieu of second picture ID, other notarized identity documents like a birth certificate would work - but this means "notarized" is just a subset of the process.   

       Getting them replaced when they're expired (rather than lost) - is only slightly easier. The old one serves as one piece of ID.
a1, Nov 10 2022

       // Say you have to scan a chip card like a Common Access Card in the military. //   

       I do. And I need to enter a PIN when I log in, and when I sign or encrypt email.   

       // I can hand that card to my secretary, and she can post away on my behalf. //   

       Can you? You must be Senior Executive Service. Everybody else around here is better indoctrinated than that.   

       // the card can be lost or stolen, and used to make several posts before the owner realizes it has been stolen and deactivates it. //   

       Cannot be used without the PIN. But if you're an SES, I guess you might need to have your PIN on written on the back of the card.
a1, Nov 10 2022

       The idea is to stop people with verified accounts from having other people post and comment on their behalf. A checkmark by your name should indicate it's YOU we're conversing with. That way someone can't blame a gaff on a staffer or anyone else. So, if you can simply give your password or PIN to someone else, it doesn't work.
21 Quest, Nov 10 2022

       If your entire plan hinges on using biometrics you could strip away all the other stuff about verifying the account at all, notaries, showing ID, getting validated, etc. Just let the online service store your face and fingerprints (full set) with your account enrollment. Nobody could impersonate you, as once your biometric data was on file nobody could duplicate it.
a1, Nov 10 2022

       Well, yes and no. What's to stop you from having an underling register his/her biometrics under your account name? You could potentially register your face and an assistant's fingerprints, or one finger each, so you can both login whenever you want. Depending how many fingers it allows you to register, you could potentially have up to 10 different people register prints for one account. Most biometric security systems allow at least 2 fingers, so you can sign in with either hand if you only have one free. That's where the notary comes in, to verify the account owner is the one registering both sets of biometrics.   

       If you want to be verified AF (TM)... It really is the only way.
21 Quest, Nov 10 2022

       // You could potentially register your face and an assistant's fingerprints, or one finger each, so you can both login whenever you want. //   

       No, a registration would require a complete set of fingerprints AND a face print. And to make it harder for someone to bypass, when you login or post something, you'll be prompted for a combination of authenticators each time ("Please look at the camera and present you right thumb and left index finger for scanning") that could be a different randomized set each time.   

       It could even throw those authenticator prompts every few minutes if you're just browsing - to make sure nobody else has taken your seat.
a1, Nov 10 2022

       That's true, but that would SEVERELY limit the number of devices that are compatible with the service. Every modern smartphone has a fingerprint scanner. Not every smartphone has a face scanner that can't be fooled with a photograph held in front of it.
21 Quest, Nov 10 2022

       // limited number of compatible devices //   

       So? That requirement was included in your original description. Do it vertical marketing style : "Look we have this cool software and social media platform - you have to buy or lease our equipment to get the full value!"
a1, Nov 11 2022

       That's interesting... I was thinking at first it would become an iPhone exclusive because of Face ID (which would never fly for something like Twitter or someone like Elon Musk), but iPhones DON'T have fingerprint scanners. But many computers DO have both, including Microsoft's Surface line.   

       Musk is gonna have to expand into the smartphone market lol
21 Quest, Nov 11 2022

       ..... and then the social media site gets hacks and they have all of your biometric details, which you can never change..... Facebook in particular is like a sieve and has lost millions of user details on a number of occassions - besides, it's twitter you're worried about, it's imploding with Musk in charge and may not actually survive.   

       aside - I had the lovely blue halfbakery tick for a while but now it's gone....
xenzag, Nov 11 2022

       [21_Quest] - giving this some more thought, and I have a simplified approach I think would actually be practical in real world applications. Wouldn't take anything more than a computer / phone / table with a decent user facing camera (would not need true face or fingerprint biometric).   

       Would you mind if I spawned my approach into a separate idea?
a1, Nov 17 2022

       Eh? Are you sure you have the right post bud?
21 Quest, Nov 17 2022

       Right post, wrong person - Fixed, and sorry.   

       All those squiggly lines on screen (you call them "names," I think?) look alike to me.
a1, Nov 17 2022

       Ah, I see your problem. Have you tried bourbon? Oughta clear your vision right up.
21 Quest, Nov 17 2022

       // bourbon? Oughta clear your vision right up //   

       The care instructions for my glass eye say not to use alcohol. On the eye, I mean. Suggesting I give up alcohol completely would be crazy talk. 8th offered to sell me a better one, but I didn't like the Borg's payment terms.
a1, Nov 17 2022

       Arm now, leg later?
21 Quest, Nov 17 2022

       By the by, I wouldn't be offended at all by a spin off idea. Let's see it!
21 Quest, Nov 17 2022

       I'll type it up later tonight, assuming I don't find too much prior art. It's just a more detailed and serious version of the suggestion I offered on 10 Nov, about frequent prompts from the server to do simple actions on camera to confirm you're who you say you are and nobody else is sitting in your chair.
a1, Nov 17 2022

       I think that you could have a social network that was even more verified than this. Basically the system would only allow posts to be made from company-owned terminals in secure premises. I suppose anyone could read, but in order to click "like" or to post "LOL" or "you loser" or "just bored ATM waiting for the dishwasher to finish" or whatever people post on social media, you would have to go to the local premises, sign in with multiple IDs checked by the security staff at the door, and sit at a secure terminal while the security guard stood over you watching what you did. I imagine that if the network was popular enough there could be franchised premises in every town or even more densely situated than that.
pocmloc, Nov 21 2022

       Well, here's your chance (link) to sell it to the big guy!
a1, Nov 22 2022


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