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Save everything
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Special browser add-on which saves entire page content including video, audio, images, everything, to attached local storage device. Basically archives a local copy of everything you look at.

Auto-orders extra HDDs to be delivered when space is running low.

Archiving version control system keeps track of changes between multiple visits to save disk space.

Can easily be searched locally.

No need to think about whether a page is worth saving or archiving. It just happens automatically in the background.

//defends against bitrot, and incidentally solves [Pashute]'s problem.// as [spidermother] usefully put it.

pocmloc, Dec 09 2020

Text search in searched text Commment by [spidermother] inspired this idea [pocmloc, Dec 09 2020]


       For the more discerning customer, each saved page is formatted for printing, and is then printed by colour laser printer onto archival paper. After a certain preset number of pages or elapsed time, a large format hardback bound volume is assembled and placed on the shelf by the robotic re-shelving system. Each volume has a date and title on the spine, and an alphabetical index at the back. Every so often a combined index is produced, but this is kept in a loose-leaf binder to allow constant updating.   

       The system keeps track of supply levels and auto-orders new paper, binding materials, shelving units, builders and supplies to construct extensions, and solicitors to negotiate the acquisition of neighbouring land for building on.
pocmloc, Dec 09 2020

       Centralised indexing services/search engines probably already do this on a grand scale, and it might be more cost-effective for them to record 3- tuple index linking an address to a user- identifying-token and timestamp. These indices could then be used for limiting searches to within a specific user's history.   

       But despite the massive data-duplication which might make data architects feel uncomfortable, it's not a bad idea, I think on a practical level, you'd want to maybe limit the caching to text alone - but even this would get large quite quickly. These days though, storage is getting pretty cheap, so this might start being practical to do on a personal level.
zen_tom, Dec 09 2020

       // Auto-orders extra HDDs to be delivered when space is running low. //   

       Since the pages are offline, they can be read-only. We suggest a magazine-fed BluRay RW drive that archives the data regularly, but keeps a searchable index on the local drive(s).   

       A robtic system would be needed to physically store and then retrieve the disks on demand.
8th of 7, Dec 09 2020

       Thanks for the credit, [pocmloc].
spidermother, Dec 09 2020

       Why is it necessary to save the same page for every user if g@@gl@ or similar just lets you restrict searches to a list of saved URLs? Aside from the fact that you may need old versions of the page(s) that is...
4and20, Dec 09 2020

       It's the "old versions" thing, yes. That page you looked at last week may not exist any more.
8th of 7, Dec 09 2020

       //..formatted for printing, and is then printed...//
That could get complicated for videos; and also for pages where you don't "go to a new page" but change something with-in a page (on-line catalogues and such).
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 09 2020

       //Why is it necessary// It is not necessary, nothing is necessary, everyone in the world could die tomorrow and no-one would care.   

       But to digress, the idea of a local copy is because no-one trusts anyone else. Just this morning I was looking at a printout of a certain page which I printed in 2007. I checked the archive.org cache of the site (the site went offline c.2009 I think) and the particular page I wished to reference was not in the archive.org cache, though luckily I found similar information on a different page from the same site, which had been archived.   

       Anyway, enough of that, let's get back to contemplating the utter futility of the universe and everything within it.
pocmloc, Dec 09 2020

       Yes, after all, that is the true Spirit of Christmas for humans, isn't it ? Asking "Ye gods, why do I bother ?" and wishing that Christmas was over and trains were running again so you can throw yourself under one, without anyone else caring or even noticing, so you can escape the dreadful bleak emptiness between Christmas and the New Year party you don't actually want to go to ?   

       We spy an unexploited market opportunity for a Christmas music album- "Music To Slash Your Wrists By". Leonard Cohen, The Doors, the MASH theme, Terry Jacks' "Seasons in the Sun" ...
8th of 7, Dec 09 2020


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