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Web results as hints instead of answer

A search engine mode that returns hints instead of the answer
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We rely so much on the web for finding information these days. We even rely on it for providing information we would have remembered in the days before the internet. As a matter of fact, this is probably contributing to the erosion of memory as an innate human talent. It's also been shown that memory can be improved if instead of just providing the answer, someone gives us a hint about the answer. We rebuild memories that way in the fabric of our brain. So, this leads me to the idea. Instead of a search engine that just answers the question outright, let's have a mode where the search engine will return information or hints about the answer instead of the answer directly. Example: Who was the lead actor in the movie Jaws? Instead of just replying with Roy Scheider, the response could be "his initials are RS" or "He was also in Blue Thunder".
Quispy, Nov 14 2023

Perfect powers in Fibonacci sequence http://arxiv.org/pdf/math/0403046v1.pdf
Spoiler alert: 0, 1, 144 are the only squares. 8 is mentioned as a cube. [a1, Nov 20 2023]

Another paper on the subject https://math.la.asu...quareFibonacci.html
[a1, Nov 20 2023]

MASZYNA TRURLA https://solaris.lem.../227-maszyna-trurla
[a1, Nov 20 2023]


       Clever [+]
doctorremulac3, Nov 14 2023

       I like this. You could also have the search engine respond with "Before I answer, what do *you* think the answer is?"
hippo, Nov 14 2023

       I've using search engines for decades and my memory is fine. I remember Webcrawler, Altavista, Lycos... [+]
piluso, Nov 14 2023

       So now we want our AI to tease us mercilessly until we buckle or run to DuckDuckGo to get the answer that will shut the other, smarter, more maddening search engine OFF? What if we don’t guess correctly? Sit in the corner? Caning? Virtual humiliation by a bot?   

       While I eagerly await developments in AI, I don’t need some smart-ass 20-questions moderator to tease me until I remember the date of the Norman Invasion. Having retained this knowledge forever due to the ponderous Socratic method employed on me that gave me a headache, I will probably never need it again. But it is now taking up room it does not deserve. We should get to choose the priorities of what we store.
minoradjustments, Nov 20 2023

       //But it is now taking up room it does not deserve.//   

       That's what Hereward the Wake said.
pertinax, Nov 20 2023

       Was that when he invented the foldaway bed?
pocmloc, Nov 20 2023

       No, that was *after* the funeral.
pertinax, Nov 20 2023

       Anyway, this idea could be extended to all online systems.   

       Maps app... Directions
From: current location
To: 27 Acacia Avenue, Bridge Crossing, Lowertown
Proceed to the end of the street and turn in the correct direction.
Continue for a certain distance, turning where appropriate.
At the landmark, turn left, but not the landmark you first think of.
Hold your finger in the air if you feel lost.

       Online Banking App:
Enter your secret code to log in
* * * * * * *
Your balance is slightly less than you thought it was, but not so low as would cause you major problems.

       Email client
New Messages: there are a few.
Message 1. From: someone you know. Subject: about someone else you probably know, but might not. Message body: There was an event that a certain person didn't go to. See if you can guess whether you did the right thing or not. It seems quite urgent to your correspondent. [Reply] [delete] [forward to a random entry in your address book]
pocmloc, Nov 20 2023

       [pocmloc] Nuts. Just nuts.   

       Online Banking App:   

       Enter your password *******   

       Sorry, that’s not correct. Try again.   

       ******** Would you like a hint? Your first pet. ******** Sorry, that’s not correct. Would you like another hint? Who was gored in the 1888 Pamplona run? ******** 20 minutes later…   

       Sorry, that’s not correct. How long do you want to do this, you moron? For $20 we’ll send a temporary password. For $50 you get to change it to something you can remember, doofus.
minoradjustments, Nov 20 2023

       Online banking app:   

       The sum of the digits of your current balance is 23
The product of the digits of your most recent transaction is 324
pocmloc, Nov 20 2023

       [pocmloc] I would actually like push notifications from my bank that told me things like "The integer part of your current balance is both a square and a Fibonacci number!"
hippo, Nov 20 2023

       A square and a Fibonacci number? You either can't even make bus fare, or you have $144.
a1, Nov 20 2023

       [a1] or more optimistically, £1,548,008,755,920
hippo, Nov 20 2023

       [hippo], are you sure? My big number calculator says the square root of 1,548,008,755,920 is   


       so the integer part of your balance wouldn't really be a perfect square.
a1, Nov 20 2023

       Hmmm - I had 1244190 x 1244190 = 1548008755920
hippo, Nov 20 2023

       // ... I had 1244190 x 1244190 = 1548008755920 //   

       Yeah, I got something similar on a couple calculators I tried, seem to fumble on big numbers. Work it out with a pencil? Nah, I just googled big number calculator and tried a few more.   

       1244190 * 1244190 = 1,548,008,756,100   

       Edit to add - I just noticed you don't even need to do the calculation to see the first answer was wrong. If X ends with a single zero, then X*X has to end with TWO zeroes, right?
a1, Nov 20 2023

       Argh - my fault for trusting Excel with big numbers...
hippo, Nov 20 2023

       Excel? That's almost as bad as asking ChatGPT in Bing.
a1, Nov 20 2023

       Who’s nominating the math apps and the calculators for half-baked status? Clearly not fully realized…
minoradjustments, Nov 20 2023

       I was wrong. ChatGPT through Bing is much worse than Excel. Transcript:   

       ME: What is the square root of 1548008755920?   

       BING: The square root of 1548008755920 is 1244200.   

       ME: Please re-check your answer, and calculate it to at least 4 decimal places of accuracy.   

       BING: I apologize for the confusion. The square root of 1548008755920, calculated to at least 4 decimal places of accuracy, is 1244200.0000.   

       ME: How much is 1244200 times 1244200?   

       BING: The result of multiplying 1244200 by 1244200 is 1548008758400.   


       [Both of Bing's answers are incorrect. At least Bing has better manners than Trurl's Machine.]
a1, Nov 20 2023

       Heh - Bing can learn from its mistakes. I asked again a little later...   

       ME: What is the square root of 1548008755920?   

       BNIG: The square root of 1548008755920 is approximately 1,244,190.   

       ME: Can you be more previse? I'd like a reply accurate to 4 decimal places   

       BING: The square root of 1548008755920 is approximately 1,244,190.0000 to 4 decimal places.   

       ME: How much is 1,244,190 X 1,244,190?   

       BING: The product of 1,244,190 and 1,244,190 is 1,548,008,756,100.   

       ME: If "The product of 1,244,190 and 1,244,190 is 1,548,008,756,100" how can "The square root of 1548008755920" be 1,244,190?   

       BING: I apologize for the confusion. You’re correct. The square root of 1,548,008,756,100 is indeed 1,244,190. However, the square root of 1,548,008,755,920, which was the original number you asked about, is approximately 1,244,189.9999 when rounded to four decimal places. I appreciate your patience and understanding. Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.
a1, Nov 20 2023

       I like this a lot as part of a parental control setup, for school kids, to make it harder for them to cheat on their homework.
21 Quest, Nov 20 2023

       [21 Quest], That's a seriously good idea. I think you just hit on the way to make this marketable.
a1, Nov 20 2023

       Every Tesla needs his Edison.
21 Quest, Nov 20 2023

       So... you intend to steal this idea and market it as your own then?   

       I knew that would ruffle a feather or two.
21 Quest, Nov 21 2023


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