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wildcard search

A website that adds the removed wildcard functionality of search engines
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For some reason (too hard on the servers?) wildcard search has been removed from most search engines.

I had a glimpse of this fantastic article on some new type of economy titled *econ, but wasted hours reading wikipedia and searching for alternative economies, and still cannot find it!

This HB idea is to make a website that returns the wildcard search. Probably can be done as a secondary search on results from a primary search engine.

Might be slow, but definitely useful.

pashute, Aug 27 2009


       I really doubt any search engine with a decent sized database has that feature...its too computationally expensive.
Spacecoyote, Aug 27 2009

       Definition of Wildcard search DW and OLAP terms   

       The use of placeholders (such as * or ?) to perform a search for data in a table or field. For example, searching the Last Name field in a database using Smith*, could result in finding all records in which the last name starts with Smith, including Smith, Smithson, Smithlin, and so forth.   


       In case you'd never heard the term before.
Not that I haven't heard the term before.
Just, y'know...
... in case You hadn't.

       None of the present day search engines have this anymore. Especially not google which evolved from a meta search as far as I remember. They do have wildcard WORD replacement but not for letters. eg. "A * for your thought".   

       Yes, the reason is the computation price, but thats exactly my idea: Some people are willing to give the search engine some time, as long as they get the answer.   

       Besides, once you have an indexed search db, its not really that complicated. Especially if you are searching for a quoted string (Exact match and not combinatorial). And most of this search functionality (eg regex) already exists for programmers.   

       BTW, does anybody have any suggestions for my *econ quest? Some new type of economy where its not forced communism, but still is fair and gets people to share and contribute, as opposed to market (extreme capitalist) economy.
pashute, Aug 27 2009

       Parecon (found via Wikipedia: Economic Systems > List of ..)?
loonquawl, Aug 27 2009


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