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Touchscreen Reflection Dampener

Some times you just need to be able to see
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I originally had an idea similar to [mhh5]'s idea about the removable tint, but what happens when a car pulls out infront of you and the sun glints off their bumper of window and goes right into your eyes? What I envision is a HUD like program that would put up a darkend area on my windshield so that the glare from the bumper won't be so bad. When you have something that is blinding, put your hand up to where it's coming from. A sensor in the dash could detect where your hand is going and put up a darkend area. I know it would be more expensive then just getting your windows tinted, but how annoying is it when you are at a 4-way stop and you can't see if the person that got there the same time as you is waveing you on or not? Anyway, I think this would be cooler. For the finacially challanged there is always the possibility to have adverts pop-up in one of the cornors of the windshield.
barnzenen, Oct 15 2001

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       With polarized sunglasses you can point and select the area you want to discolo(u)r? Give me link before I belive it. Then I might go and buy a pair of these.
barnzenen, Oct 16 2001

       Lower-tech: A pressure-sensitive or temperature-sensitive layer that darkens when you press it, so you just push a spot on the windshield to make a custom visor?
egnor, Oct 16 2001

       Polarized sunglasses only reduce reflected glare - ie. from a wet road surface. See link... Also, wearing sunglasses at night can be dangerous. What happens when there is no glare? Do you constantly remove and replace the sunglasses according to the presence of other traffic?
Mayfly, Oct 16 2001

       You know, the idea that makes the most sense here is egnor's. It's beautiful and elegant. Perhaps the harder you press the darker and/or longer the area will remain dimmed. Even more important, I think it is probably do-able, practical, today without any really new technical breakthrough, as opposed to any sort of "reactive" technology--where the slowish speeds of photochemical reactions would likely severly limit the effectiveness.
bristolz, Oct 17 2001

       How about a photosensitive layer in the windscreen which darkens in response to very bright light--ie the glare of a reflective bumper or the setting sun or an oncoming car's headlights? The effect would be localized and should be quite rapid so that a moving car would not leave a darkened streak--the windscreen would block only the moving hotspot of light itself. No operator intervention required.
Dog Ed, Oct 17 2001

       Dog Ed: How would the panel "know" where, upon its expanse, to darken? The notion is very much complicated by the fact that, in order to do effective "localized" darkening, I think it would have to know the point of origin of the light it was responding to as well as the position of the observer. In other words, the system would have to trace a ray from the light source to the observer in order to determine the region to darken, yes?
bristolz, Oct 17 2001, last modified Nov 16 2001

       You are quite right bristolz. I wanted something more complex then just a touch sensitive piece of film that could be applied to the windshield. I was wanting something that would recognize the general structure of a face, approximate where the eyes were, recognize where a bright light is coming from, and detect a point where to darken so that as I drive I won't be blinded by light. Also, I was thinking that a gauge to decide how bright the light should be that gets dampend and/or how dark the shading could be. That way, if I have a hangover or I just had my eyes checked I would be able to see and drive without the glare directed towards my sensitivity at that time.

[took out a sentence that showed emotional need of sympathy]
barnzenen, Jan 03 2002

       Put photosensors all around the windshield facing the driver. When you put your hand up to block the glare, some of it will be reflected back toward the photosensors. The angle of the hand can be determined by the amount of light received by the various sensors. The seat-to-eye height can be input beforehand. With those two pieces of information it should be possible to determine where the glare is coming from and which portion of the windshield needs to be darkened. Just too expensive when compared to sunglasses.
phoenix, Jan 04 2002

       In a utopian world where money was no object, I would like to make this. About pre-programming the eye level, that doesn't take into accout me turning my head, slouching in the middle of my trip, snow on the windscreen, etc. Sure, the programming would be nasty, but I still think it would be neat.
barnzenen, Jan 04 2002

       Changes in seat position could be accomodated by a sufficiently large dampening area. If you're turning your head, my idea's not going to work anyway.
phoenix, Jan 04 2002

       If you're close enough to touch the windshield, you're way too close, dude. My windshield is way too far to touch, but you don't need to. Two cameras in the dashboard, facing up, can "figure out" where your finger is pointing.
[like phoenix, but simpler]
jtgd, Jun 04 2002


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