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Sun-roof Wind-shield Aerofoil Control Chip

Lift and tilt - and a blatant overuse of technology
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I like sun-roofs. other people like them too. Unfortunately, laws of fluid motion state that imperfections cause turbulence. In the case of a sun-roof, the relative motion of the wind over the relative stillness of the air in the car creates a pressure difference, and sucks wind into the car. This lets the wind whistle, and get into the car, and blow around, generally wreaking havoc.

For this, many cars have a small pop-out 3 inch wide (or so) metal plate that tilts to deflect wind.

Unfortunately, at different speeds, a different angle is needed for optimal wind avoidance. Too low, and wind gets in. Too high, and whistling occurs, and wind gets in

A small wind-speed sensing chip would control the angle, as that the faster you go, the more pressure difference there would be, thus a steeper angle would be needed, thus negating the pressure difference.

DesertFox, Mar 31 2006


       My car has this (Corolla LE), albeit without the angle control. Not even rain gets in on the highway.
Shz, Mar 31 2006

       That's funny, my Volvo doesn't. Idea edited. Now is about angle control specifically.
DesertFox, Mar 31 2006


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