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Solar Eclipse

Drivers! Protect your eyes...and your life.
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The Commercial: A driver is navigating late-afternoon traffic; the setting sun is directly in front of her.
She flips down the visor, but the sun's too low.
She scrunches and turns trying to block that little ball of sun with the rearview mirror, the car edge of the car frame, anything.
She can't and drives with one hand shielding her eyes.
Another car pulls out in front of her, she can't see well enough and reacts too late.
The driver, apparently unhurt, now stands next to her damaged front end, with a copper writing a ticket.
If only she had a Solar Eclipse.

A circular piece of cardboard about four inches in diameter, with a suction cup attached to one side, the Solar Eclipse is a simple yet innovative device. When the blinding, burning, or just annoying Mr. Sun comes blazing through your car window at an angle that your visors can't block, you pull the Solar Eclipse out of the glove box, lick the cup and paste it to your windshield or side window, blocking the offending light. The suction of the cup is not very strong allowing you to slide it across the glass as the car/sun angle changes. The Solar Eclipse would, of course, be decorative as well as different images would be printed on the cardboard. The selection of images would include a Moon (naturally), a Cloud, a Hand, a Giant Squashed Bug

grip, Oct 21 2003

very similar..or is just the thread of the annotations? http://www.halfbake...where_20car_20visor
took me ages to find [po, Oct 04 2004]


       You would spend much time shifting bits of cardboard around your screen which would no doubt cause another accident.
k_sra, Oct 21 2003

       i liked your writing style! but yes a moveable suction cup sounds awkward. maybe it could be attached to the visor(s) in some way and use that non-permanent kind of tacking putty. i think it's a good idea.
aquamarine, Oct 21 2003

       It’s patented up down and sideways.
Shz, Oct 21 2003

       Either that, or you could carry a couple of forks in your glove box, and just pluck the irritated eyes right out of your head with them. Voila! No mo pesky sun bothering you. Of course, you would want to put them back in once the sun was no longer a problem...
fullybaked, Nov 14 2003


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