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marathon run with pogostilts affixed to real stilts
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Powerbocking is what wikipedia tells me is a description of using those awesome spring / boot contraptions (pogostilts?) in order to tool around town or do stunts or whatever all the cooler people than me happen to do with them to deserve the new word - powerbocking.

I can't believe this hasn't been tried before - affixing those super cool pogostilts (about 2' tall) on to the bottom of regular stilts.

I searched for examples of this, but my suspicion is, it's been baked, though I can't find it.

Therefore I suggest the towerbochathon. A 26.2 mi race using this insane idea I had.

I completely guess that the winner could finish in under an hour, thus justifying the towerpogostilts as a revolutionary new means of transit. Watch out for power lines!

Intersection? Red Light? Late for work? Meh! JUMP It!

Zimmy, Nov 25 2009

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       I may have to revise the original text, but I thought that was the length of a marathon based upon some poor Greek guy running to go beg the Spartans? To come save Athens. I probably have several facts wrong - or did it porpoisly in order to bait someone who actually knows for sure to help me out. (Chuckle)   

       -edit- crap. My facts are probably wrong (I can't open multiple windows on my phone), but 26.2 = marathon distance.
Zimmy, Nov 25 2009

       As the owner of a pair of bocks, I have to say that this is not an entirely good idea.   

       Bocks don't really help with running. They should do, but in fact it's much more exhausting than normal running. You can sprint quickly for short distances, but not that much faster than a normal human. (My best is about 20mph, right up to the point where I dodged the overhanging branch.)   

       Also, they do not let you jump *that* high. Again, they should (and they do help a bit), but not that much. Basically, you can raise your centre of mass only so much by jumping; most of the apparent "jump" actually comes from pulling up the stilts while you're in the air. So, uber- long stilts won't necessarily help you leap single buildings in a tall bound.   

       But, ergonomics be damned, I'm bunning this one.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 25 2009

       The problem, I think, will be when one bock compresses, it's going to be very difficult to keep your balance. Doing that while running will almost certainly be nigh impossible.   

       Bunny-hopping, on the other hand...
phoenix, Nov 25 2009


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