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variable elasticity trampoline

start with a 20 foot launch; work your way to concrete
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I've come up with a few ways of making the product work, but I don't really care for any of them. However; the product itself is essentially a trampoline (big or small) which can easily and slowly be set to whatever tension the user feels is nessessary.

how is this useful? Well, you start on a super high bounce, and learn an airial trick i.e. back flip.Then once you have it down you increase the tension giving you less bounce. Eventually you work the increments down to the level of even concrete. voila you can now bust a backflip on concrete. How else would you rather learn?

gradies, Nov 09 2003


       wala? do you mean voila?   

       interesting thought, welcome.   

       what we need are more bouncy knees.. I think thats how fleas do it.
po, Nov 09 2003

       Even educated ones?
I like this idea. It would be fun too if the tension changed randomly after each bounce, making it feel as though someone else was on the trampoline with you.

       I voted for, but I'm not entirely unsure you couldn't do this today. Surely trampolines can be retensioned?
phoenix, Nov 09 2003

       happy meal- brilliant   

       phoenix - how do you propose we retension the trampoline uniformly, easily, and in small incriments. currently springs don't provide these attributes. I saw one compony use fiberglass rods that the mat sat on for the elastic energy storage, and maybee these could be shortened or lengthened between sesions. Or use bungie cords instead of springs because they could be adjusted easier,but I have yet to see it be done.
gradies, Nov 14 2003

       [gradies] how about having a large resoivor of hydraulic fluid supplying independent hydraulic shocks arround the trampoline mat ... then via remote control, adujst their damping power with a single valve at the resoivor level ... it would make for a mess of lines, but they can be routed within the trampoline frame ...
Letsbuildafort, Nov 14 2003

       Letsbuildafort- brilliant, why didn't I think of that. glad I posted
gradies, Nov 14 2003

       Hm. I think I need a variable elasticity waistline.
DrCurry, Nov 14 2003

       ...that goes 'Boing!' (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Nov 15 2003


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