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GPS pizza delivery service
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I waited nearly an hour and a half last night for pizza...There is absolutely nothing you can do when waiting for delivery...Calling is just about the dumbest thing you can do since the response is always "They just left" or "It's on it's way"...what I propose to correct this problem is a GPS unit in every delivery car...When you place an order you are given a confirmation number that is valid for an hour or so...You can then log onto their website and watch the pizza be delivered to your house...no more "It's on it's way" or "Maybe he's lost"...you know right where they are and when they left...

In all honesty i think this is not just a solution to the problem but also a lot of fun...i wouldn't mind dishing out a couple extra bucks to watch a little car icon travel from the local pizza joint to my house...you wouldn't be scared to go use the bathroom either...there could be some sort of alarm once the car reaches it's destination...anyway i'd like to see this someday

gniterobot, Aug 30 2002


       I once had a pizza delivery guy call me on his cell phone, asking for directions.   

       "I'm at Central and Cummings...which way is your house again?"
BinaryCookies, Aug 30 2002

       don't you get a reduction in the price if not delivered within a certain time? I love it when they are late!
po, Aug 30 2002

       Dominos use to give you money off for late pizzas but they gave that up a long time ago...problem around my house is that it's dominated by Fios Pizza...it's a horrible mom and pops place that microwaves their pizza and take several hours to deliver...oh well...viva big buisness (seriously)
gniterobot, Aug 30 2002

       have taken to cooking frozen ones - just as nice.
po, Aug 30 2002

       Sorry the croissant's a bit late mate, I couldn't find where I was going. That'll be £10.94 please.
kaz, Aug 30 2002


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