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UPS delivers lunch

What else can Brown do for you?
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Pre-order lunch online from your favorite restaurant, tick the UPS delivery option box, time to deliver, address and service level. All major CC accepted, or charge to your UPS account #. Just imagine, never again run the rat-race for 45 minutes of your lunch hour, just because your favorite cuisine is too far away. Let UPS worry about traffic. Of course, there would be competition, such as FedEx and DHL wanting a piece of the action as well. Would we tip the driver or just take the food and go eat?
gkitf16, Jan 28 2005

(?) Baked in some cities. Not UPS, but a local courier. http://www.mobilewaiter.net/
[robinism, Jan 31 2005]

La Nova Pizzaria http://www.lanova.com/
Pizza and Wings delivered anywhere in the US, overnight. [tiromancer, Jan 31 2005]


       I like the concept. What day would the lunch have to be shipped? How steep would the shipping be?   

       Fertilizer ad campaign: "What can Brown Doo do for you?"
Mustardface, Jan 28 2005

       Would you be able to track your order online? That would be cool. Order #7564885434: 15 blocks away. ETA: 10 minutes.
Machiavelli, Jan 28 2005

       Typical delivery charges run about $4.75 for a 5# Ground package (best guess), and you can track it on the web at ups.com
gkitf16, Jan 28 2005

       People are already too lazy. People don't walk. Fishbone, sorry. If you're already planning on stuffing your head, at least walk the fat off by getting it yourself.
Pericles, Jan 29 2005

       The problem I can see with this is that many offices have UPS accounts for shipping company material. Employees could easily have their lunches delivered on the company account - and very soon the account would be moved to a courier company that *doesn't* deliver lunch. And what [pericles] said. I still kind of like the idea though, so no fish from me.
wagster, Jan 29 2005

       Don't some pizza companies deliver? I also heard a rumor that suggested that some oriental-food establishments deliver too. How about that guy that draws the short straw every day to run out for lunch?
Letsbuildafort, Jan 30 2005

       Sorry, but despite my address being well known and obvious, the last four deliveries from UPS have gone missing for days. Two orders needed to be replaced.   

       This gives new meaning to losing one's lunch.
jaxmeier, Jan 30 2005

       I'd like the UPS guy to call me about when he's going to show up, or when he's having trouble finding the place. Not once has somebody else gotten my pizza.
tiromancer, Jan 31 2005

       There are already services that deliver meals from a wide variety of local restaurants. (see link). The advantage to using UPS is that UPS could deliver meals from restaurants thousands of miles away, allowing you to sample diverse cuisines.
robinism, Jan 31 2005

       Sorry, fishbone from me. Pizza Hut for one does this via their website, and quite well I must say. Then again it always helps to have one right across the street from your dorm room. Man Freshman year was interesting.
Valak, Jul 15 2007

       theres mac salad mixed in with the darn packing peanuts....
evilpenguin, Jul 16 2007

       I love the concept for the mass reliability of the outfits in question, but I've no confidence in what condition my food would be in.   

       We build ruggedized computers for the military, and when we've got a unit that's passed all the shock and vibration testing, the next thing we do is ship it round trip to someplace and see how it survives that.   

       Modern packaging is not enough to withstand multiple ten-foot falls, speed bumps, and all that FedUps can offer.
normzone, Jul 16 2007


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