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Traffic Light Advisory Sign

Advisory eco signs on traffic lights
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At places where cars have to stop for a wee while, eg. traffic lights, why not have an advisory sign fixed to the lights which states, 'Drive 2mph slower – saves fuel, saves the planet' OR 'Accelerate more slowly from trafiic lights - saves fuel, saves the planet' OR 'Stop more gradually for red lights - saves fuel, saves the planet'.

Anyway, the Highways Authority in charge of roads would be responsible for these notices and if these notices were sponsored by firm's, it would improve that firm's eco kudos as well as bringing in a bit of cash for the Highways Authority. Drivers are stationary at traffic lights, so there would be no safety issues of reading a sign from a stationary vehicle.

This idea probably won't change that many people's habits, but eventually in tandem with all the other eco messages out there, it might make people think about fuel economy in the long run.

NumboJumbo, Dec 23 2007


       I can't knock the idea, but I really dislike traffic lights. The best sign would be "Save fuel; remove traffic lights and install roundabouts", as traffic lights are a very good way of making people stop and look at each other.
Ling, Dec 24 2007

       Great. More road signs. In many parts of the UK, there is an average of one road sign (direction, caution, etc) per metre, which is silly and devastatingly ugly. Will these new signs be illuminated, too?   

       Take all the bloody signs and recycle them.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 24 2007

       // remove traffic lights and install roundabouts //   

       Which also removes a prime opportuntuy for nose-picking and earwax-mining ......   

       // people stop and look at each other //   

       ..... while performing the aforementioned actions, and some even more unsavory.....   

       // the bloody signs //   

       Sounds like you live in a rough part of town .... surely the police will want the bloody ones for DNA evidence, or are they too scared to visit your area ? Wnat about the clean signs, why do they get left out ?
8th of 7, Dec 24 2007

       //Sounds like you live in a rough part of town// No, actually I live in the deepness of the countryside. We have road signs only every five metres here, and there are even a couple that aren't illuminated. At times, we can glimpse trees in between them.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 24 2007

       Isn't there some large town / small city in Germany that has completely done away with all of its traffic controls? No signage, no stop signs, etc. According to the city's press release, it works by forcing drivers to be more aware of what they are doing instead of mechanically doing what they are told.
elhigh, Dec 24 2007

       We've got them on a couple highways; I suppose it's a good idea when they're displaying traffic-advisories, but the lame public-service messages that are displayed when they're idle means you have to take your eyes off the road for every sign.
FlyingToaster, Dec 26 2007

       // is take down all of the street signs, //   

       No, you do that when you think you're going to be invaded.   

       In parts of the Uk they're only just getting round to putting some of them back after the Last Lot.
8th of 7, Dec 26 2007

       Cars have to stop for a wee, while what? My car doesn't have to stop for a wee. Maybe yours is horse-drawn?   

       I want a countdown to the lights changing.
david_scothern, Dec 27 2007

       The countdown sounds lke it would save more gas, as I might slow and not stop, though I'd also look at it and accidentally rearend someone else who is trying the same thing.   

       I don't like it. There are already too many signs and no one pays attention to any of them unless a cop is there, even stop signs, which most people think are just suggestions.   

       No keep the roads simple so the simle people who drive them don't get needlessly distracted. Build your extra cautions, etc. into a heads up displayed GPS navigation system and include light status by long range Bluetooth or something.   

       PS Why does braking slower save gas? Is that so hybrids stay in regen mode? Or so the rest of us take the foot off the othe pedal sooner?
MisterQED, Dec 27 2007


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