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Traffic Light Peep Holes

I SAID CAN YOU HEAR ME ALL MY PEEP- oh wait, nevermind
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I've often wondered what the other's traffic light is at an intersection. At some crossovers, its downright dangerous to not know if the traffic has a red light or not. Solution? Little peep holes all around the light's shield (I'm guessing that's what they're called). Lots of times you can see the reflection off of the light, and I'm sure this would greatly increase the opposing traffic's light visibility.
ghillie, May 04 2004


       Lots of brain farts today. I've heard its not safe to let it out all at once...
ghillie, May 04 2004

       Many stoplights have a ring around the top that illuminates when the light is red. This is designed for cops to easily monitor the light-running without needing a clear view of the signal.
davinic, Jun 13 2004


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