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Traffic Light/dark

Brighten them when they need to be bright
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Put a photosensor on the back of traffic lights, aligned so that it 'sees' about the same light level as a driver looking at the traffic light from across the intersection.

When the photosensor detects very bright conditions behind the light (i.e., the sun is in that section of the sky), it activates special auxilliary LEDs in the traffic lights, giving drivers a fighting chance of being able to see the signals through the glare.

When the photosensor detects very low light conditions (i.e., it's nighttime), it reduces the number of LEDs used for each signal, saving (an admittedly miniscule amount of) energy, and keeping drivers from having their night-vision any more degraded that it has to get from driving with headlamps on.

gisho, Feb 22 2010


       // having their night-vision any more degraded //   

       This could be better avoided by making all the lamps red.   

       In fact, the positioning of the traditional traffic light triplet is so designed that position conveys as much information as colour, because of colour blindness in some drivers.   

       Some railway signals employ position or orientation instead of colour. This is equally, if not more, effective than coloured lamps.
8th of 7, Feb 22 2010

       This is a good idea.
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 23 2010

       Very good.
This is needed for emergency vehicles in my opinion. I know that they need to be seen in the daylight and in foggy conditions, but they are fairly blinding at night.

       You are brilliant, (and thanks for the wonderful fudge. I ate it all up in the last two weeks.)   

       Being a street walker, no jokes please, I like this idea. So a + for your idea, and five stars for the chocolate.
blissmiss, Feb 23 2010


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