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Traffic Light Controller

Make traffic lights turn green automatically
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Hold on to the traffic light electric pole , close your eyes and concentrate. Wait patiently for results in less than a minute.

Note: Traffic lights that are blinking yellow may require extra time. Also, the "green" effect will often wear off in a short while, may require re-processing. Kudos to the "hum" page.

isofun, Nov 02 2000


       Traffic Light Whisperer?

Also, (belated) welcome to the Halfbakery!
hippo, Oct 31 2017

       [normzone] missed this one
hippo, Nov 02 2017

       [hippo] received their user account exactly eight months before [isofun] did.   

       While [isofun] only posted this one idea, [hippo] has posted approximately 525 ideas since that date.   

       " The traffic lights turn .... blue, tomorrow - "   

       (Jimi Hendrix)
normzone, Nov 02 2017


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