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Trampoline staircase

Boing up and down the stairs
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Of course the steps are four times longer than the usual ones. You only need one trampoline step for each four regular steps.

A sponge filled double sided railing helps with safety and comfort.

A rope slide for going down could be a great accessory.

Will end the "too lazy to go upstairs" syndrome.

pashute, Dec 11 2012

And I don't mean this... http://www.tracks20...rod_name/steps.aspx
[pashute, Dec 11 2012]

WTAGIPBAN Trampoline_20Staircase
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 11 2012]

Trampoline Bridge http://www.digitals...france-picture.html
Kind of like this, but more up-and-downy. Oh, and without the river getting in the way. [Wrongfellow, Dec 11 2012]

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       I'm afraid that this one is already halbaked [pashute] Same idea name and everything.   

       [jutta] could you copy the annotations and links from here to the other idea, then delete this one, then move that one to this (correct) category?
pashute, Oct 26 2015


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