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weight activated two-way escalator

an escalator that goes when you want it and in the direction you want
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My mother has a lot of trouble with the stairs now. She has had both knees replaced. This was a good thing for her pain, but bad for her range of motion, and nothing can be done. There isn't enough room for one of those chair lifts, and she has only one stairwell. A two-way weight activated escalator could take her up to the second floor when she steps on the tread downstairs, and could take her downstairs when she steps on the top tread upstairs. The escalator could be made of wood to fit in with the rest of the house, and have an override for those who prefer to climb.
Rm Brz, Jun 19 2006

Stairlift http://www.easternm...ht_stair_lifts.html
[ldischler, Jun 19 2006]

Just cool http://www.youtube....watch?v=4PcL6-mjRNk
Why wouldn't they also play with this escalator? [Grogster, Jul 01 2010]


       How about buttons, wouldn't that be less complicated than weight activation? And there are much simpler and cheaper alternatives to escalators, such as chair lifts that take a person up the stairs sideways.
ldischler, Jun 19 2006

       I have indicated that there's no room for a chairlift. I also thought that this system would not need electricity if it were based on a sliding counterweight and gear or pulley. Sort of like those cheap treadmills.
Rm Brz, Jun 19 2006

       You're going to need energy input somewhere.
Texticle, Jun 19 2006

       //I have indicated that there's no room for a chairlift.//
The one chair lift I've seen folds back against the wall. It can't take more than a few inches.
ldischler, Jun 19 2006

       no need for an override.
FireElf, Jun 19 2006

       Maybe it could be gravity powered going down, and electricaly powered going up.
BJS, Jun 19 2006

       1 word:   

RayfordSteele, Jun 20 2006

       Good... why don't we catapult YOUR mother.
Rm Brz, Jun 20 2006

       Thats a pretty good idea, actually.
jabberbox, Jun 21 2006

       Someone I knew catapulted my mother once. Once...
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jun 21 2006

       If it's ordinarily going to be used by only one person going up and down, it could use a counterweight with a small electric motor to provide energy to travel upward.
Alx_xlA, Jun 30 2010

       I like this idea [+], but for another setting: the middle of three escalators in an underground/subway station. For a private dwelling, well ... I have a notion that escalators are complex, finicky devices full of moving parts with close tolerances, hence high-maintenance.   

       Oh, and how would this interact with housepets?
mouseposture, Jun 30 2010

       Pets might rather enjoy it... (see link) [+]
Grogster, Jul 01 2010

       A one person closet sized elevator (lift) would be just as simple to install as this, and require less effrot to maintain over the life of the unit.
MechE, Jul 01 2010


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