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Wild rodeo

Eight seconds just got a whole lot longer.
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I know that animal rights activists would be up in arms about this one and aspects of it rub me the wrong way too but...dang, I'd pay to see it.

Extra tags would be available every hunting season for those hunters who didn't get the draw in that year’s lottery, but for very specific animals. The largest Bull Moose, stag deer, boars, mountain goats, what have you.
Teams of handlers would be dispatched as soon as a tag is activated and using GPS find and airlift the animals to the preserve in order to await the big day. After which the animals would be retuned to the exact spot they were taken from to regale their buddies with tales of their alien abduction.

Rodeo clowns would be equipped with tazers and cattle prods to protect the cowboys.
Picture it, eight seconds on a bull moose.


       This takes away home team advantage. Although I would like to try endurance elk riding.
normzone, May 15 2005

       The idea of arming any kind of clowns fills me with a deep sense of fear (-).
hidden truths, May 15 2005

       I'll send you a nice clown phobia coulroing book if you change it back.   

       They don't buck if they're full, muzzles and mittens just aren't sporting. Prize money would be huge.   

       Would these "rodeos" be held in a Colosseum?
Edit: Have some bread for your circus.
justaguy, May 16 2005


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