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Transdermal Soap

Easier way to deliver daily transdermal medications
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This could have countless applications. For use with either "hard bar" or "shower gel" type soaps. By including additives usually found in "patch" type products one could make the morning shower very helpful while avoiding the inconvenience of having to remember to wear a patch for a prolonged period of time. Since most shower daily anyway, this would insure that medication was used as long as needed... e.g. no forgotten pills or patches.

Some possible uses: Birth control, menopause relief, hormone supplementation, pain relief, Nicotine replacement, Urinary incontinence, Angina...

The list goes on and on. All above suggestions are currently able to be treated by means of a transdermal patch, and the drugs themselves are readily absorbable through the skin. There could be other uses for enhanced soap as well... I make a caffeinated soap for that early morning pick me up before my first cup of coffee. By adding caffeine anhydrous to the soap before it hardens, you get soap with a kick. (I have seen caffeinated soap for sale on the web *not my idea*)

Imagine getting up on a Sunday morning. Your head is pounding, you can hardly see straight, and how the hell did you even get home last night? (Sound familiar?) You stumble into the bathroom to take a shower. Using your specially made soap you absorb the amount of Caffeine in one cup of coffee, the Nicotine of a cigarette, 500 to 1000mg of aspirin and the scent of lavender and mint. By the time you are ready to go you feel GOOD!

There are many other possibilities both legal and otherwise... I just like the "hangover relief" soap...

catwater, Jan 17 2005

Shower shock http://www.thinkgee...e/accessories/5a65/
caffeinated soap [catwater, Jan 17 2005]


       How would dosage be controlled?
bristolz, Jan 17 2005

       Stick to whiskey and you never get a hangover. I like the idea of nicotine and coffee soap, I would shower all day.
Susan, Jan 17 2005

       It would have to be prescription only. It's irritating enough already dodging early teens outside the grocery store, hitting me up to buy em liquor.
JungFrankenstein, Jan 18 2005

       Call it Whisky Bar of Soap.
FarmerJohn, Jan 18 2005

       You could make get most of those additives and make your own soap... no script needed. I don't know of a way to add concentrated alcohol, but that would be nice.
catwater, Jan 18 2005


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